Sleeping on campus is a delicate art. While most people have the option to sleep at home, it's not always the most convenient option. Note that it is illegal to sleep on campus. If you don't suffer from insomnia make sure you don't get caught. Three Popo cars will surround you and tell you not to get caught again.

During the day

  • If it's not too hot out, or too muddy, then sleeping in the Quad is a good choice. A ton of people sleep on the Quad.
  • The Arboretum, particularly around Spafford Lake, is quite nice during the day. A great place to lay down beneath the shade of a wide oak, feel the warm breeze drifting by, hear the birds singing, watch the ducks waddling about, and doze off into a rejuvenating nap.
  • Griffin Lounge is also a favorite spot. It's always nice and cool, and perfectly quiet. There's also lots of comfortable chairs.
  • King Lounge is pretty good. There is a little more noise than Griffin Lounge, but there is this padded bench thing that is pure heaven.
    • I don't mind when people want to take a nap in the lounges during the regular 10 week class period. I myself will nod off from time to time in the lounges during that period. But, for godsakes, DON'T do it during finals week when people need a quiet place for a last minute review before their finals. It's infuriating to walk into a quiet lounge and find 50% of the people inside conked out like it was naptime in kindergarten. — JohnNapier
  • Shields Library has a few good spots. In non-fiction, to the right side, there's usually nice cushions to sleep on. Also, the "window seats" toward the center of each floor provide a lot of lie-down room and make for a cozy spot, provided the sun isn't shining in your direction. Also, check out the comfy chairs with foot rest by the dissertations and new books just past the information desk on the right.
  • Women's Center has cushy chairs, and nice people who won't stick things in your nose while you sleep there. Usually filled with mostly women.
  • Several of the older halls have beds in the women's restrooms, such as the second floor of Viehmeyer, the second floor of Robbins, and the first floor of Everson. The one on the second floor of Robbins is nice because it has it's own room and you don't have to listen to people urinating. Slightly related, the men's rooms in these buildings also often have showers...
  • Unitrans is nice, especially a certain older bus that doesn't really have "seats" per se, more like a soft cushiony bench that just screams, "LIE ON ME!!!" If you have time to kill, and like sleeping in the car, and like being warm on the bus, you can sleep here.
    • those buses are the old school 30 ft. Gilligs that were bought from yolo a long time ago. There are only two of them and are bus numbers 2821 and 2822, though as soon as a few more new buses come in those, along with all the other diesel buses, are going to be sold off by the university for about the same price that the coho bought theirs. And yes those buses are extrememly comfortable i've slept through work on those seats ~ NathanielJarrett
  • Kemper Hall has many couches in the lobby. There is one that is between the computer museum and the large front window. It is the perfect size to lay down on. This one is preferable, but all of them are fair game.
  • The ARC has many couches in the main lobby and near the Pro shop.
  • In class. OK, It's actually kind of uncomfortable, but sometimes class puts you to sleep. Only do this if you're getting an A in the class anyway.

During the night

During the night you'll need to have snuck into a building that doesn't care you're inside (most have janitors that will kick you out).

  • 24 Hour Reading Room. As long as you look like you were studying before you passed out (i.e. you don't have a blanket and pillow) they won't kick you out.
  • Grass someplace is a safe bet as no one is likely to bother you, but you'll have watch out for sprinklers and animal crap... Really, sleeping in the grass at night is a bad idea.
  • The Physics and Geology building has a really nice roof. But that's all! They had a couch up there that you could have slept in and stared at the stars! Talk about nice! Also, this was likely a good place to take someone if you wanted to make out with them, maybe. Unfortunately, the couch is no longer and the door to the roof is now almost always locked.
    • I wasn't able to find this. Is this the floor marked "R" above the 5th floor with all manner of telescopes and stuff? That door was locked. Or was it the terrace thing outside the double-doors on the fourth floor? That was locked too. Or something else? — RaghavKrishnapriyan
      • The roof. The door to the roof is sometimes locked (but usually isn't). There are a number of instruments and telescopes up there, but it's clearly the roof. The picture on Physics and Geology at the bottom was taken from there. - PhilipNeustrom
    • I don't know if I'd want to touch, much less sleep on that couch, considering the number of people I know who have "enjoyed" that couch. - ZacMorris
  • If you want to sleep in PhysGeo, the best place is the lobby on the fourth floor. It it on the north end of the east side of the hallway, about 2 doors down. - ChristopherMcKenzie
  • I hear there is an old woman who sleeps in the Music building. You might have seen her around — she wears a visor covered with green duct tape and a necklace of string and binder clips. Anyway, heads up for those of you considering dozing to the soothing strains of classical. - LysandraNelson
    • WOW!!That lady gets around!!I always saw her last year in griffen lounge usually around 10am! Beware I guess!
  • I was a music major and there was this tiny room with a flat lounger in it off the women's know, for resting! The door was always lockable and that was a FAB place to sleep. Not sure if it's still there?
    • The little room is definitely still there, along with a rotating cast of vagabond sleepers. I've never seen it being used at night, but it's still around.

The Quad

  • Occupiers have tents set up there day and night. When it is not cold, more people will generally join the movement and sleep there. In front of Dutton hall is also a popular spot to put up a tent. Spring, Summer, and Fall will probably be the best times to increase members of the Occupy UC Davis movement and set up a tent some where on Campus.

It's a sad reflection on a sick society when something as natural as sleeping, which everyone must do, is considered a criminal offense. What's sad is that people don't notice that there's anything wrong with forfeiting such natural rights. The right to sleep, breath, and occupy space should be on a Global Bill of Human Rights. -SteveDavison

It's a right so long as you're not on someone else's property (University Regents). Get over yourself.

Stage a sleep-in!

It's illegal to sleep on campus? Oh cra-... I mean how interesting. *Runs Away*

I didn't know that sleeping on campus was illegal, but I don't think it is anymore. The Health Center gave out maps of the best places to sleep on campus along with a little eye-cover thing. I'm pretty sure the school wouldn't promote something it didn't allow. Michellaneous

What about sleeping in your car overnight on campus? Is that illegal too? You're not bothering anyone.... I agree, who cares if someone wants to pitch a tent and sleep, who is this law protecting?

Technically this law is in place to prevent random vagrants in public and private space. It seems to be fairly subjective in its enforcement. And yes, it includes sleeping in a car (I know this one from experience) except in specific areas like rest stops (closest one of those is off I-5 near the airport... not exactly convenient.). Some cities even have car parks specifically for sleeping in, and the use of them is growing with the housing issues. I think it's usually a safe bet to use most parking lots as long as you aren't in the same one all the time and leave before people are around to spot you snoozing. The lot at Borders is a good one because it has lighting (read "safe") and there tend to be cars there anyway from all the nearby housing. There are also some lots around the warehouses and offices near Target which have potential but cops do patrol nearby... find a good spot out of sight from the road and you're probably okay. -KBathory