Club President(s)
Dan Gao, Tina Li, Kimsa Nguyen
Spring 2012 (03/16/2012)
Meeting Location
Winter 2016 (Young 194)
Meeting Times
Bi-weekly on Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM
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Last General Meeting of Spring 2015

So (소) K-pop at UC Davis is a student organization at UC Davis dedicated to promote and celebrate K-pop and Korean culture. So K-pop identifies and a cultural and social organization. They are the largest collegiate K-Pop interest organization in California!

Their mission is to bring together the K-pop community at Davis and provide a comfortable and friendly environment where those who share an interest in K-pop and Korean pop culture can exchange ideas and socialize. 





So K-Pop was established in Spring 2012 under the president Trang Nguyen, and became widely recognized by the Davis community through a campus flashmob of "Gangnam Style" at the Memorial Union. 

Starting Fall 2013, So K-Pop began to host its own Big/Little and family system. This big/little system is one of the most cherished parts of the club that the members enjoy. In addition, SoNE1 and SoNoRae were established as independent sub-organizations of So K-Pop at UC Davis.

In addition to our general meetings, we also have many socials including karaoke, Korean BBQ, Holiday Bashes, dance workshops, and more! Members can earn points for attending meetings and socials for our end of the quarter auctions.


Performance Groups

So K-Pop houses two amazing performance group subdivisions, SoNE1 and SoNoRae. Although they are subdivisions of So K-pop, both performance groups are their own independent organizations with the main mission to spread K-pop and Korean Culture with our communities. Both organizations are open for any member to join!

SoNE1 - Our K-Pop Dance Performance Crew -

  • We are a K-Pop dance cover performance crew branch of So K-Pop that performs at various events all year round from KPOPCON to Davis Dance Revolution to the SF Giants to KCON! We are the most accomplish collegiate K-Pop dance crew in California! We also host workshops and teach the choreography to different K-Pop songs! We are open to anyone, so you are interested in becoming a member of the team, please notify an Executive Board Member or just come out to one of our practices.

SoNoRae - Our New K-Pop Vocal Group -

  • We are the vocal branch of So K-Pop, and we cover Korean pop songs in a group setting. You can be a singer, rapper, instrumentalist, beat-boxer etc. If you enjoy singing and k-pop, come check us out! No singing experience is necessary.


2015 - 2016 Executive Board

Your 2015 - 2016 So K-Pop Executive Board

President(s): Dan Gao, Tina Li, Kimsa Nguyen
Secretary: Allison Chu
Treasurer: Tammy Wu
Event Coordinator(s): Winnie Chen, Regina Chu
Webmaster: Josephine Situ

SoNE1 Board Members: Jayveeritz Bautista, Chelsea Chan, Linda Wang.
SoNoRae Board Members: Patricia Rusli, Jamaica Bonachita, Sherlyn Wong, Allison Chu, Julie Lam.



Former So K-Pop Executive Board
2014 - 2015: CJ Calabrese (President), Terri Luu, Gavin Cheng, Tina Li, Dan Gao, Kimsa Nguyen, Angela Won.
2013 - 2014: CJ Calabrese (President), Terri Luu, Roy Qu, Stephanie Nail, Michelle Nguyen, Dennis Liu, Nina Souryasack. 
2012 - 2013: Trang Nguyen (Founder/President), Phancisco Doan, Angela Meuangkhoth, An Le, Dana Pham - Tran, Dennis Liu, Nina Souryasack.