517 Second St.
M-F (10am - 6pm), Sat. (10am-5pm), Sun. (11am-4pm)
(530) 758-0206
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card, Other

Soccer & Lifestyle is a sports store devoted to soccer in downtown Davis. Soccer and Lifestyle is the best place in Davis to buy soccer gear. They sell a wide variety of soccer shoes (indoor and outdoor), balls, jerseys (including World Cup jerseys), among other accessories. They always have the latest models of jerseys, shoes, etc at the store. They also have a selecton of rugby gear and lacrosse gear.

They also have a large plasma screen TV that ALWAYS airs soccer footage. The workers really know about soccer and what's best. They are very nice and always give you a good deal.


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2010-04-14 13:30:20   The website is just a generic "link farm" - do they have a working one? —j-beda

2010-07-29 14:24:53   Yeah, I don't think soccer & Lifestyle has an official website. They sell everything through their store only. —KalaniR