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As everyone knows, engineering is full of pale, geeky males. In most of the engineering classes, you could seat all the chicks in a row and, just for kicks, throw in all the guys with long hair too, but still not be able to fill up one whole row of the lecture hall. SWE exists to support and promote the existence of female engineers. They offer various programs to help new students get adjusted to college life, as well as programs throughout the year to help continuing students prepare for internships and the life beyond the university.


Prospective members should send an e-mail to the to be added to the club's listserve. Membership is free and everyone is welcome to join.


* For new students:

  • First Year Retreat to Bodega Bay
  • Little Sister Day
    • Student Panels
    • Bowling
    • Campus Tours

* For continuing students:

  • Dinner with Industry
  • Resume, Interview, and Networking Workshops
  • Professional Panel
  • Mock Interviews
  • Other Workshops: Yoga, Salsa Dancing, Kickboxing
  • Regional Conference
  • Boat Dance with Tau Beta Pi

Current Officers

  • President: Betsy Van Blarigan
  • Vice President: Priya Babu
  • Secretary: Janice Chang
  • Treasurer/EJC Rep: Clara Tang
  • Publicist: Christine Bui
  • Industry Liaison: Nicole Dun
  • Campus Events Coordinator: Arda Karkouzian
  • Social Events Coordinator: Valerie Ingraham
  • Education Outreach Coordinator: Rene Friend
  • Team Tech Coordinator: Stephanie Huang
  • Webmaster (not pictured): Roger Membreno