Solano County directly borders the city of Davis, which itself resides in Yolo County. Interstate 80 and the Stevenson Bridge link the two counties.

According to the county's GIS map, it includes, roughly, university territory: south of Putah Creek and west of Brooks Road, south of Brooks Road to its intersection with Highway 113, south of Interstate 80's connector to Highway 113 northbound, and southeast of where Interstate 80 meets Old Davis Road.

Few people know this, but a source (citation not needed) in Solano County has revealed that Solano is an acronym for Shit Outta Luck And No Options. This should give you a good idea of the economic status of many of its residents.

Actually, Solano is named for the Native American Chief Francisco Solano known as Sem Yeto or Sum-Yet-Ho in his own language who was given the Spanish name of the Spanish Francis Solanus, who became a famous missionary. The chief assisted Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo in battle and politics with other natives. (source: Wikipedia)

Many Davis residents shop in Solano County. Follow the links to see available stores in Solano County cities.

  1. Dixon

  2. Vacaville

  3. Fairfield