On 2nd Street in front of the train station there is a tall piece of art titled "Solar Intersections." It was created in 1989 by Robert Behrens.

The statue is covered in holographic material that shimmers with rainbows when you look at it, particularly under the bright summer sun. It is similar to the spinning discs found in nature stores in the mall.

The holographic Mylar was replaced a couple of years ago, but it degrades fairly quickly in sunlight. Many outdoor sculptures in the 1980s used this material, before the product lifespan was known.

Full view showing post-remodel base.

In their full glory

looking up


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2010-11-22 01:13:38   It's gorgeous and eye-catching when the sunlight hits it just right, but this is just for a few minutes on the right morning. The rest of the time they're just a bunch of half-hidden white poles nobody notices. —SteveDavison