Sophie. Nicknames include Trouble, Doomkitten, Fang, Hey You, Pookie...
Doomkitten (Felis catus)
A little black terror with two settings: attack and cuddle.
Cheese, toys, attacking things, exploring places that should be left untouched, large piles of warm clean laundry, food (all kinds), "playing" with the older cat.

Sophie is the only surviving member of a 3-kitten litter that came into the Davis Animal Hospital in late August. Although her new family was cruel enough to confine her to the bathroom for a few days, she quickly forgave them. After all, the sweet taste of kitty antibiotic (a preventive measure) was the highlight of their visits. When the sweet stuff ran out, she decided it was time to establish her dominance. Many a hand suffered as she demonstrated the proper use of fang and claw. Then the toenail clippers came out.

For a while, Sophie was dubbed "Flatulence" and described as "Fartilicious" due to her incredible aroma-producing skills. If her humans squeezed a little too hard while cuddling her, she would provide them with a good reason not to do so again. One of her favorite tricks during this era was curling up near her human's face at night, and waking said victim with an odorific gift. To everyone's relief, she seems to have adjusted to her kitten kibble.

When her main human left for Thanksgiving her first year, Sophie forced the other human to pay more attention to her. How? By tripping her up on the stairs of course! It worked for a little while, until she got stepped on and had quite an expensive trip to the Vet Med Teaching Hospital. After all, her human wasn't planning to spend those dollars on her — naturally it was time to remind everyone of her importance.

Nowadays Sophie spends her time looking cute, plotting attacks on everything in the apartment (inanimate or not), and sparring with her humans.