The sophomore walk is a nickname for Scripps Drive and the Anderson plaza The term stems from the fact that the Davis High School sophomores lack a drivers license and have to walk or bike somewhere to obtain grubs if they don't want to have the on site food. DHS is an open campus at lunch time, although there is talk of bringing fast food vendors to the MPR area (the "Multi Purpose Room" with triangle windows visible from Oak Avenue) after it is renovated and making the campus closed.

Residents of Scripps have had problems with littering and fights and have motorcycle cops and more commonly the yard narcs ("noon duty supervisors" and "campus safety officers") in the DHS golf cart to make sure the students don't "act a fool" on Scripps or in the Save Mart complex. Recently, however, there has been no supervision.

Don't try and visit the Save Mart complex during the lunch hour for DHS (11:30 to 1-ish), unless you like lines out the door and a grip of unruly high school students

DaVinci High School students also have their own variation of the sophomore walk involving the Davis Manor Center adjacent the school, often causing similar problems, albeit to a lesser extent, along the Dollar Tree and Red Orchid


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2007-04-12 19:47:09   hahahahaha..."a grip"...didn't think they used that one up here —TylerFelix

2007-09-10 11:34:07   As a high school student, I found the cops to extremely excessive and obnoxious, zooming up to people on motorbikes at high speeds and threatening to ticket and even arrest them for walking in the gutter. I feel they caused more problems than they solved. —TobinJones

2008-05-05 19:49:28   I'll miss living on the sophomore walk. I actually liked scaring kids with my car as I drove to and from home. But more so, I liked swerving around them like they are an obstacle course. One time, some group of kids started dancing to the music I was playing when I had my windows down... —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-04-13 01:34:20   I used to work for the Baskin-Robbins that's in Anderson Plaza, and believe me, we used to dread lunchtime. Now, I know not all students are bad, having been one myself, but the ones who are spoil it for everyone else. We would have trouble with vandalism, people stealing ice cream out of the freezer, and the fact that *everyone* wanted the time-consuming blended cappachino blasts or smoothies, and started getting unruly if there was more than a thirty second wait. That sort of thing is why there is an 'excessive' police and administrative presence at lunchtime. The final straw was when they actually *SET FIRE* to one of our plastic tables outside. Yeah, just.. no.

Personally? I always brown-bagged it when I was a student. That's what lockers are for, plus it's easier to eat healthy. —Flynn