1540 Valdora St. in South Davis, by Safeway and Rite Aid
Office Hours
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm
Tours: Mon - Fri, 11am - 5pm (during leasing season)
phone: (530)758-2662
fax: (530) 758-1251
email: sorrento.avalon.brisavillas@gmail.com
http://www.sorrento-davis.com - General information and floorplans
Facebook - leasing, community events, contests, and photos
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Portal - Pay Rent Online
Types of Units
2, 3 and 4 bedroom Flats and Townhouses
Exercise room
Covered parking
Handicapped access
Package service through office
Central heat/air
Gas Ranges
Laundry Room
Full Size Washers/Dryers for rent through office
Online Rent Payment

Sorrento Apartments is just across the street from Safeway, Rite Aid, and Office Max. It is the second apartment complex after Oakshade on the left of Valdora St., and is accessible via the W and M bus line

They offer five floor plans in single and two story models. Features include a pool, spa and exercise room.

Sorrento Apartments also manages Brisa Villas and Avalon Apartments in South Davis.

2021/2022 Rental Information

2 Bedroom Flats: Starting from $2120
2 Bedroom Townhouses: Starting from $2350
3 Bedroom Flats: Starting from $2800
3 Bedroom Townhouses: Starting from $3080
4 Bedroom Townhouses: Starting from $3575 




To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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  • /Pre 2009 - Reviews before 2009 Property Management Company change

2009-01-23 21:28:33   I have been living in Sorrento for the past year and it has been fairly nice. The park, maintenance, size of the apartments, and general location are all ideal. However; the price that was initially advertised was not the price that I was given. Also, the management will constantly put letters in your mail if they have a complaint, which made me wonder why I'm paying money to someone who can't even speak to me like a human being. There's plenty of amenities to take advantage of, but the area constantly smells like kim chi, which is probably the most foul scent I have ever had the misfortune of smelling in my life. This smell comes from the 95% Asian population within Sorrento, so if you are looking to live in a diverse, social, attractive area then Sorrento is not for you. It certainly wasn't right for me. —Yiddo9

2009-02-21 11:56:05   I have enjoyed my stay at Sorrento. I moved in at the beginning of sept 08. There were some problems when we moved in. Rat droppings, plugs not working, windows not opening, window screens falling off, etc. HOWEVER, maintenance was amazing and fixed everything within the week, if not the next day. If we ever had a problem involving needing maintenance, they have came and fixed it by the end of the day. Both of the maintenance guys are friendly and nice. We are yet to see a rat. The light in the oven was out, and they simply just replace the stove completely. I haven't ever really talked to Linda, but when I see her around the complex she always smiles. The staff is always extremely helpful. When any of my roommates and I walk into the office, Bryan or Ryan I'm still not sure :/, always knows which apartment I belong to and usually can figure out why I am in there right away. The outgoing mail has been broken into a few times, which would have been nice if we were notified about it. However, when asked about mail not being received they admitted and told us they can't actually do anything with the mail boxes because it is US postal service property. The park is right behind the complex, great for just a walk or relaxing. The floorplans are well thought out, despite what some previous comments said. I rarely smell anything bad. Landscaping does come once a week and starts somewhat early if you like to sleep in during the week. The landscapers do stare at all of the girls walk by. I have even seen them stop what they are doing, and be quiet, just staring. My roommates and I have just learned to ignore them completely though. Parking is amazing. I have never found any problem parking. There are often guests who park inside, and there is still always parking. The appliances you see in the pictures of the model are the EXACT same appliances you get, so there are no surprises. Overall, this is great place to live. Unfortunately, none of us resigned the lease because ther only bad thing is the cost. It is way too expensive. —CaitlinBallengee

2009-05-23 23:49:27   I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I've never had any of the problems mentioned here. Staff is wonderful. They've always been nice and responsive. The management feel like residents, not like a business. They all recognized me when just from when I originally came by to look at the model and have always been good to talk to, even if nothing's up. Maintenance was pretty much perfect. All our requests were handled either the day of or the next day, During our stay we got a new stove (I didn't even notice anything wrong with the first one, but new one was nice), and two new sinks after reporting minor leaks. They always fix up anything we ask for, even if it's not something major that they're supposed to be responsible for. Management also accepts packages, which was very convenient.

The floor plan is very well thought out. It's spacious, open and well-proportioned. The living room is a good size, but not so large that the bedrooms are small for the square footage. The kitchen is also very roomy, and the vaulted ceilings make everything seem bigger. The upstairs bathroom (I live in a 4-bed/2-bath) is split into a sink/vanity area, a shower room and a toilet room, which makes having three girls up stairs quite manageable.

Parking is amazing. I have never seen the lot full, and most the time it's more than half empty. There's no need for assigned parking and having guests over is never a hassle. Around half the parking is covered, also.

It's mostly quiet. Occasionally there will be parties, but they're never out of hand, too late or on weeknights. Lately the gardeners have been out earlier, but assuming you're getting up before 10 for class it's not a problem. The school children are sometimes loud and a bit shrill, but they're mostly only loud in the afternoon, so unless you're constantly napping with your windows open (like me) then it's no big deal.

The location is excellent. Across the street, maybe 3 minutes walk, from the M and W, and the P and Q are both just a few minutes further. It's across the street from [SafeWay], [OfficeMax], Chinese food, coffee, ice cream, rite aid, pizza, a huge park with tennis courts, volleyball, playgrounds... Basically it's great, even if South Davis seems far away. It's also only a short walk to the post office and DMV.

Rent's not that bad. For the 4 bedroom 2 bath starting fall 2007 it was $2440, +$30 for an in-unit washer/dryer. It seems like a big number, but when looking for somewhere else to live (My roommates broke into factions. Wanting to live alone is my only reason to leave here.) I found nowhere comparable in terms of size, amenities, and general quality even only a little above the price here, much less below it. Security deposit was $1000, which spread amongst roommates wasn't a problem. Given my past interactions with the staff I don't foresee issues with getting the deposit back, though I'll report back after I've moved.

Also, the official policy is no pets though I've seen cats around as well as a couple small dogs in units. Either no pets is just the "official" policy to give management the upper hand in case of problems or people are just keeping them secretly.

I know this is quite long, but given my extreme satisfaction living here, I wanted to balance out the negative comments, especially those against the staff. The ease of dealing with them alone makes it that much more comfortable. They've always made it feel like a home for me, not like a business where they're just hanging around to get my rent. The length of this comment is proportional to how much I like Sorrento.

tl;dr AAA+++ would live here again, full recommendation. —omgstarkitty

2009-11-18 12:43:10   Reporting back re: security deposit: They waived the cleaning charges, probably because needing light cleaning is normal wear and tear, but they charged $750, 3/4 of the deposit to repaint the entire apartment. However, they waived part of that bill and only charged us 614/1000. Perhaps they waived the price of what a touch up would have been and only charged us for excessive costs. They also did a full repainting on one of our neighbors apartments. Both were occupied by us for only one year. They said they charged for it because after one year the apartment should only need touch ups. I washed most of the walls, but one roommate spackled most of her room, so maybe they had to repaint that. So the security deposit refund wasn't great, but overall I found living there to be pleasant.

The only other downside I forgot to mention was that the fan in the shower room wasn't strong enough and the laundry isn't well-vented. Anytime the dryer was running the second floor would be hot and humid and windows would get condensation on them. There was a bit of mold, in the shower room and also on some downstairs windows. —omgstarkitty

2009-12-28 5:22:00   Moved in Fall 2009 and on lease till Summer 2010, but I'm iffy about the management and place. They're usually polite, but sometimes they give the impression that my coming into the office (to pickup packages, report problems, etc.) is a bother. When something happens, they are very slow to admit that they are in the wrong. Case in point: My fiance was supposed to receive a package on Dec. 21st, and both USPS and Amazon reported it as delivered on that day. The office tells him they don't have it. It's most likely because of their lack of accurate records, because the package log is in disarray with info often omitted. The management called the post office to check, and it's been delivered. They still suggest that my fiance might have somehow missed it (he's been checking the mail everyday and he's the only one doing so at our place). Or that the mail-person didn't drop it off. That's not the only incident though. They've been unhelpful when we talked to them about our downstairs neighbors smoking 24/7 (we have asthmatics whose conditions are worsening because of the smoke). They've had issues recognizing that my fiance has signed the lease, and kept saying that he wasn't (someone didn't have all the records together). Things take more than a few days to get fixed, and like I said before, I don't always feel welcome going into the office for something.

Perhaps I have been spoiled by the great management at Tanglewood. They worked with us through many troubles and were sincerely friendly. Sorrento isn't bad, and as mentioned above, they're generally polite, but combined with my experiences with the management, the nonexistent gym, and overall quality of the complex, I definitely will not be staying here after my obligatory year. —SatomiNakajima

I apologize that your experiences with our office have not been as pleasant as I would like. We pride ourselves in having an open door policy and I hope that we can make you feel comfortable to come in to our office to share any of your concerns or comments.

    We accept parcels and packages in our office as a courtesy and convenience to our residents. I believe that you have received your misplaced package but admit that the delay was caused by our confusion with the lease. It is now clear to us that while your fiancé's given name is on the lease, it is not the name he goes by and we will not assume that it will be the name on future packages.

    Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention so that we can improve.

    -Lori Brenner

    Community Manager

      2010-01-23 23:53:07   The place is very nice, lots of parking and very quiet. I am looking to sublease my apartment from preferably March 20th -ish til Aug 31 when the lease ends. How ever I am flexible. Contact for more info! The apartment is a 2 bd 1.5 bath townhouse. —Sulli

      2010-03-18 11:42:11   THERE IS AN APT AVAILABLE! a 2bd 1.5 townhouse! :) available for rent june 2010 until aug 2011! or if youd prefer.. sept 2010 until aug 2011! let me know :) email me at nighteffectx8k@yahoo.com thanks! this is a great place to live btw —sallythatgirl

      2010-09-02 23:55:28   I LOVED LIVING HERE! although my apt my have been a burden on sorrento.. they worked with us! <3 maintenance is AMAZING! i walked into the office mentioning that there was mold in the bathroom (fan not strong enough) and then 5 min after i got back into my apartment.. someone was there! mold GONE! and has not been back!

      i was really sad because i JUST got a car and it was VANDALIZED here :( $2000 worth of damage.. i only had my car for 3 days too! and NO ONE knew i had a car.. beware of jealous people :(

      but i want to end on a good note because i loved living here a lot :) people in the office are really friendly! annnnd.. theyre actually really good with packages.. got 3 of em and i was able to pick them up right when i saw the truck drive in! —sallythatgirl

      2011-04-15 21:33:24   been living here for my whole college life and i have no complaints whatsoever about my experience here. the workers of the apartment complex are super awesome and friendly. 0 complaints —pol

      2011-07-11 12:25:52   I miss this place. They have spacious rooms and maintenance was always on top of things. —mechee

      2011-08-08 17:01:50   I lived here for a year, and now that I'm moving out this month, it makes me realize how much I'm going to miss this place. :( I snagged a 3BR apartment by luck because that unit wanted to switch to a 2BR or something, and I'm so glad I got to live here. It's also pretty obvious what a nice place Sorrento is since all of the rooms fill up stupidly fast during leasing season.

      I think my favorite thing about this apartment complex is the management. Baker, Brian, and all of the others are incredibly nice and helpful; they also have fresh cookies and coffee everyday in the main office in case you feeling like dropping by before class or something. :) They have an online rent-paying system so that you don't even have to write them checks if you don't want to, they are really organized and on top of mailing/packages (they also have an automatic e-mail notification so you don't have to call the office yourself every day and check), and their maintenance is extremely fast in responding to work orders/requests/apartment issues (within one or two days). Everyone who works there is extremely flexible and understanding.

      One time I went home for a weekend, came back Sunday night, and realized that I forgot my keys inside. I was outside of my apartment with a bunch of crap I brought back from home, and I just called the office and left a message, even though the office was closed. I think it serves as some sort of an emergency thing and someone must have been notified of a new message, because 5 minutes later, someone came by and let me in with a key. Our apartment unit also had some roaches during a super rainy, wet couple of weeks and still knowing that it wasn't really Sorrento's fault that the dampness attracts bugs and stuff, they set up an appointment for a spraying and pest control like, the week of. I also had problems with leases and stuff, and while it's not really their business to help you get through that (if you sign, it's your responsibility), they still offered support and helped me get through it.

      As for the apartments, I know that our unit was very clean and pretty new looking, but I haven't been in any of the others. Everything else, including the exercise room and pool, is nice, and the apartment is super close to Safeway, Rite Aid, Office Max, etc. and also to the bus stops. What's not to love about Sorrento? :) The prices are reasonable, management is friendly and cooperative, and the location is perfect. I feel like even if rent was a little more expensive it would still be worth it to live here, simply because they make your experience of living here that much better.


        2012-11-06 13:12:52   I have been living in Sorrento for about three years. I really enjoy living here. The maintenance guys are great they fixed our washer/dryer and the bathtub. I live with five other girls our bathtub it's always clog. The maintenance guys never complain. Last week the maintenance guys and Thomas the manager came door to door to just check see if any houses need to fix anything. They gave out ice-cream, too. It was so nice of them =) I love living here b/c the bus is convenient and there is a Safeway right across the street from us. —AppleSun

        2013-09-01 18:05:31   I lived in Avalon for the past three years, and I only have great things to say about the amazing staff. They have never failed to respond to our problems on the day of our maintenance requests, and they even replaced our washer and refrigerator during those years. The staff has always been friendly, patient, and fun to talk to, both before and after the change in management. Only a few days ago, we moved across the street to their Sorrento properties. Although the staff was swamped with the demands of other residents, they helped us a ton by making sure that we would have plenty of time carry things over, clean our previous house, and not be homeless for any amount of time. They are simply awesome! —wildcard418

        2013-09-03 18:12:24   Life in these most beautiful apartment homes has been a pleasure. Well designed, quality in every aspect of the word...carpeting, appliances, fireplace, fixtures. Management addressees concerns almost immediately, known for maintaining the property as functionally and aesthetically as possible. Quite and safe community, proximal /within walking distance to grocery store, restaurants, coffee houses, office supply store and bank. Bus line M & W, as well as several Yolo buses stop near the complex on Cowell Blvd. You'll like it here if you choose to become a resident. —dyerike

        2014-11-14 18:35:35   I just moved into Sorrento this quarter (Fall 2014). The complexes may be a bit older, but the amazing office staff and maintenance workers definitely make up for it. Whenever I had a problem with an repairs, the front office is always available to address our concerns and everything is done in a timely manner. Carlos, the maintenance worker, is works fast and a really friendly guy so don't do scared to make those maintenance requests!

        A couple weeks ago, SAB threw us a Welcome BBQ. It was the perfect mixer for all the apartment complexes. Great food, raffle prizes, and I got to meet some cool people! I filled up on massive foot long hot dogs and juicy hamburgers til my heart was content. They even went all out with every topping you can imagine! Many thanks to Elena and Calvin for drumming up this event! I heard they were planning a SAB Block Party or SAB Food Truck event in the near future!!! I REALLY hope they do because this unparalleled hospitality is what makes my time at Sorrento so enjoyable. :) —markc312