These are reviews from Sorrento Apartments prior to the property management change in 2009.

2005-05-17 02:00:39   AAAA++++++, would gladly deal with again. —DatNguyen

2005-05-27 00:08:02   Brisa Villas has been a problem for me for the past few months, cockaroach problem won't go away. Moving soon. —JohnWong

2005-05-27 08:33:30   I wonder if the Sorrento Villas are going to be renamed to Brisa Villas and the apartments renamed Brisa Apartments. Anybody know?? —AlphaDog

2005-06-22 09:07:21   Sorrento is remaining Sorrento Apartments —MelissaGunby

2005-07-14 22:32:36   Does anyone know what company manages or owns Sorrento? —JohnWong

2005-07-19 01:37:56   Send your complaints about cockroaches to Jon Berkley Management, Inc. —DatNguyen

2005-10-31 16:21:04   Sorrento always has enough parking spaces. Whether this was through good planning or, more likely, pure chance, it's the biggest thing that keeps me here. —JoshuaGo

2006-10-14 23:25:01   We have a rat problem in our apartment. Management has taken steps to control the problem, but it hasn't worked. Last year the rats chewed through our heater wires and we wnet a week and a half without heat, all while nighttime temps were dropping below freezing. Management did manage to get someone out on a Friday night to repair the heater. As for tas, we caught one and the problem subsided, but now they're back and MUCH more active. We hear them almost everyday, see them every couple, and there is evidence of rat activity all the time. Maintenance has tried to plug holes, but they didn't use steel wool, so the rats have just chewed their way back in. Glue traps and a weekly visit from the exterminator will NOT solve this problem, and we're currently checking out our options as renters. Aside from that problem though, management has been decent....not great, but decent. I wish the rats weren't here, the apartment otherwise is fantastic. —AmandaGlinzak

2006-11-02 16:08:46   I am subleasing in the apartment that was mentioned above. However I moved out because it was starting to smell. Management is apparently blaming US for all of this and for the smell because we okayed the exterminator to use poison. Not to mention she has also given me the run around about subleasing... I went back today actually to drop off some stuff I didn't need and the room I was staying in smells awful. I opened the closet door and it seriously smelled like a rotting body was in the wall. Apparently yesterday when one of the roommates asked maintanence to acknowledge that the smell was coming from a dead rat in the wall they would not do so. It is really ridiculous that the apartment tenants are being blamed for a creature who comes to nest and have babies. How can we be to blame when the kitchen is clean and there's no holes left for them to come in yet they stay? I wonder how many other apartments have this problem, because I bet there's several. —StephanieWhaley

I share the concerns of these residents. This was an incredibly stubborn isolated problem and then, to everyone's regret, it reoccurred. The problem has been solved, I appreciate the residents' understanding, and I believe they were satisfied at the end of the lease.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2007-02-06 16:26:33   my roomies and i aren't having any problems. great insulation for summer, but really cold during the winter —CraigMerry

2007-03-08 10:09:54   I lived here 2003-2005. Apartments were fine, but we were right next to the hot tub, and people would stay in there talking *loudly* until the wee hours of the morning. We had ant problems sometimes, but not a huge deal. We had a washer/dryer in the apartment that had a screw loose and ruined a load of my roommate's laundry; when she complained to the office, they gave her a refund for the clothing (although it wasn't very much money, it was a nice gesture). Oh, and technically there are no cats allowed, but the girl who lived next door to us worked in the office and had a cat in her apartment, so I don't know how strict they are. —ElleWeber

I am pleased that we resolved the laundry problem to your satisfaction. Pets, including cats, are not allowed.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

  • Thanks for your response, although I don't know if you're the same manager who was there when I lived there. I know that cats weren't allowed when I lived in Sorrento, but several units had cats anyway. Perhaps you're more strict about it now.

2007-03-12 16:28:07   sorrento apartments used to be a good place to live...but now the management is just messed up i wouldnt recommend living here if it continues to be managed by the same people this year —KarPhung

2007-05-11 13:49:56   I totally agree with Kar Phung. (Read my comment on the Brisa Villas page for more on the management.) —AnonymousTenant

2007-08-17 12:10:32   because you get families living here, ur car gets dinged a whole lot if your neighbor has kids. parking situation usually isnt crowded, but it isnt watched by a night security like Drew circle. management isnt all too great, we had a gas leak for about 4 days until they got a guy to "fix" the problem...which i had to call in again because i said it smelled like gas. insulation on the place is very shoddy, upstairs room reached around 90 in the summertime, maybe in the low 80s with the AC on. In any case if you get the upstairs rooms, the ventilation system is horrible and dated. The dishwashers are worthless. You might as well wash the plates by hand. The plumbing is crap too, the water got shut off roughly 6-10 times during the year.(once again they were hiring idiots to do the job) OH yah and if you still do decide to live here, kiss your deposit goodbye because i think they are trying to recoup their losses from all the plumbing work they did during the past year. —tenantofsorrento

I wish you had contacted us regarding the problems with your apartment so that I could have made your stay at Sorrento more pleasant. I think if you had met the maintenance staff or the plumbing contractor you would find them skilled and competent.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2007-09-12 16:50:00   I created an account just to comment about this managment. Do not rent from these people. Everyone is right about the managment they are very difficult and not willing to work with you. I have had mutliple issues with them entering our property without our consent. They try to cheat you out of your security deposit by not allowing you to request an initial walkthrough inspection which is your right by state law. Please if you are displeased file a complaint with the BBB at I did it and they have not responded. Perhaps if more people do this they will get their act together. —AvalonRenter

I have postponed responding to this former resident's post hoping that he would find the time to update your comments. As you know, you left your apartment in fine condition and you got a full refund of your deposit as evidenced by the cancelled check. Please don't claim you were "cheated". Yes, you have the right to an initial walk through inspection. Unfortunately, you made your request at the last minute as you were moving out and all of our staff was busy with previously scheduled initial inspections. It is true that we were unable to accommodate you at that moment. I am sorry.

Regarding entering your property, it is our policy, and State law, to obtain permission to enter. I apologize for any confusion, but our maintenance staff is experienced and, absent an emergency, would not enter your apartment without some resident giving permission.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2007-09-19 17:40:17   my roomies and i are transfer from sorrento. we just moved into a townhouse from our flat. the move in was absolutely ridiculous and i've never been madder in my entire life. the experience was HORRIBLE! they made us leave our apt at 8am and we weren't allowed to move in to our new apt until 5pm. 5pm rolls around and we aren't allowed to move in yet because THEY HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED CLEANING THE CARPETS AND THE PAINT IS STILL DRYING! seriously, wtf?! we're transfers and they had over 9hrs to start and finish. some other girls i know were able to move in at 5pm and THEY WEREN'T TRANSFERS like us! obviously, sorrento knows that it's reputation with it's current clients is SHIT so they worry about the new prey first. FINALLY around 7:30pm we are allowed to move-in but the CARPET IS STILL WET. oh and not only that, our HOUSE KEYS DIDN'T WORK! and my god, the employees SUCK. yeah, i know they don't give a crap since they'll paid anyways but they make me want to slash their tires. the EMPLOYEES working the front office couldn't even help up and honestly, they were MORE INTERESTED IN PARTYING AND EATING instead of GIVING US WORKING HOUSE KEYS!

oh and our townhouse sucks. the floors on the 2nd floor creak, the walls are thin, the plumbing is horrible and the design of the 2nd floor is horrible! why? the biggest bedroom on the 2nd floor is adjacent to the bathroom (so you hear every disgusting noise) and the washer/dryer is right outside your door so enjoy the sounds of the washer/dryer before you decide to throw them out the window. —ReneChan

I am sorry that we did not have your apartment ready at 5:00 as promised. In spite of our best planning efforts there are surprises. Departing residents do not always leave the apartment on time or even clean. Sometimes just getting the apartment ready just takes more work and time than we planned. Our priority is to provide the new occupants, both transfer and new residents, with an apartment in the best possible condition. Please accept my apology for the delay caused by the painting and carpet cleaning of your apartment prior to your occupancy.

Regarding the keys, I am sorry that after we re-key the locks for your occupancy you were mistakenly handed the wrong keys. I believe we corrected this error in a timely manner.

Regarding your design concerns, we elected to locate the space for the full size washer and dryer as well as the bathroom near to the bedrooms as a convenience for the residents. I regret that this location was not optimum for you.

We appreciate your comments and will try to improve.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2008-01-17 10:47:30   I removed the link for affordable housing. The owners chose not to continue in the program because they want to increase rents. Sad, because I knew some disabled people living in there and they were told they would have to move or start paying regular rent which they cannot afford because both are very diabled and on SSI. I don't know about other problems mentioned but have a heart! —MyaBrn

We agreed with the City and County to provide affordable housing for a term of 15 years. We have fulfilled that commitment and we are transitioning gradually to market rents. We work with the continuing affordable housing residents and voluntarily extend the affordable program for selected units as part of that transition. We definitely care about the residents.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2008-01-21 18:02:01   I have been living here in Sorrento the past year and I am definitely going to resign the lease for my apartment for next year! I'm really enjoying my apartment (I live in the 3 bedroom 3 bath flat option), it's very spacious inside, and the location is great (right across the street from Sorrento and two bus lines). I lived in Avalon last year, but wanted to downsize and get my own room, but there's definitely more than enough space for four people to live comfortably. Maintenance is really good, they get things done within the day or next day, and the office staff always calls to check up and see if we're happy with the maintenance done, which is nice because I've never had that at any other apartment complex. And management is really nice and helpful, whenever we've had any questions about our rent or anything, they sit down with us and go through our statements to see what we had questions about, which I appreciate.

And we've never had any pest problems either, besides the occasional spider that you'll inevitably find throughout Davis, but other than that, no problems here. And parking is great, even covered spots are open for anyone, so my roommates and I are happy about that too. Overall, I'm having a great experience here, definitely worth it! —davisAggie007

The staff and I are grateful for your positive comments about our work. Thank you.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager


  • Sometimes I can't believe the audacity of poor people... Why can't they learn to stay in their place in the trailer park near the train tracks? What is Davis coming to?