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This club is no longer at UC Davis, the 2010-2011 year was the last year of the South Asian Student Organization.

The UC Davis South Asian Student Organization (SASO) was formed as an act of solidarity amongst our South Asian brothers and sisters at UC Davis in 2003. SOUTH ASIA consists of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives.

Although the majority of our members are South Asian, we welcome members of all nationalities! SASO is not an exclusive organization — everyone is invited and able to attend all of our events.

One of our main goals, aside from creating a network for South Asian American students, is to educate the UCD community-at-large about our culture. UC Davis is fortunate to have a diverse and talented crowd of South Asian students, and SASO aims to bring us all together through cultural awareness, social events, and community service.

The most notable event put on every year from SASO is the SASO Culture Show which is put on at the Mondavi Center in May. The Culture Show has been running since the early 90's at UC Davis, before the time of SASO, when the club was ISA (the Indian Student Association).


  • General Club Meetings (once a quarter)
  • Welcome Back Dance
  • Garba
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Holiday Banquet
  • Winter Formal
  • Peace Day
  • Picnic Day (Food Sales and/or Information Booth)
  • Holi
  • Culture Show
  • Culture Show After Party
  • Spring Formal
  • Bollywood Movie Nights


2010-2011 Leadership

  • President: Sindhu Gollamudi
  • Vice President/Treasurer: Veronica Fernando
  • Public Relations Chair: Rucha Heda
  • Activities Chair: Riddhima Suri
  • Community Service Chair: Aruj Ahmad
  • Fundraising Chair: Sanam Bains
  • Secretary: Jeanette Harakh

2009-2010 Leadership:

  • President: Sneha Mathrani
  • Vice President: Dipti Munshi
  • Public Relations Chair: Saher Randhawa
  • Activities Chair: Shawn Sunny Kakwani
  • Secretary: Alka Pathak
  • Fundraising Chair: Veronica Fernando
  • Community Service Chair: Sindhu Gollamudi
  • 2010 Culture Show Coordinators: Saher Randhawa & Shawn Kakwani


-Previous leadership is not available, but please feel to update this page with previous leaderships starting from 2003.


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