1601 Research Park Drive
at the intersection with Richards Boulevard
24 Hours

More commonly known as the Fast and Easy Chevron. Gas here is cheaper than most other stations in town, though not the two Arco's. They have a carwash for $1 $7.99 with 8 gallons minimum purchase (add on $1-2 extra for added features) .

Hometown Chinese Restaurant used to be located inside this complex but moved downtown and the current chinese food place is called Gold Town.

Located between KFC, Del Taco, and Wendy's.

There is another Fast and Easy Mart located at the intersection of 2nd and B streets.

For anybody who has or knows somebody with an RV or Camper Van, this is the nicest blackwater dump site (i.e., sewage dump) in town. It is clean and usually has a good flush hose (replaced as people run over it).

They have decent coffee (which means it's downright good for a gas station), and their location right off of 80 makes this a good place for an early morning stop before a long trip - gas up and get some coffee. By 7:00am, the Sacramento commuters are already streaming through here.

They now offer E85 ethanol and B5 bio-diesel which is a mixture of 5% bio-diesel and 95% petroleum diesel that can be used in stock diesel engines with no problem. The alternative fuels are not a Chevron product as it clearly says on the pump, it is a product of CHS. At the time of writing it is cheaper than standard diesel. Link to CHS: (http://chsinc.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=45)


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2008-09-18 23:03:17   How's the car wash here? And are they really decently priced on gas? In my experience, Chevrons are terrible! —RobertM525

2009-01-15 15:14:48   The car wash here sucks. The spinning roll thingy didn't even reach the hood of my car. My car wasn't that dirty to being with but was still looking shitty after I used this car wash. As usual for these types of places the dryer deal at the end didn't stay on long enough to actually dry any part of the car. —TheRadish

2011-02-06 11:26:25   Avoid this station whenever you see dozens of men in the lot and around the pumps with "AUTO GLASS" on their shirts. Yesterday the pumps and parking lot were crawling with these auto glass salesmen, who approached everyone and used high-pressure, in-your-face sales tactics to get people to repair and replace windows, whether or not there was any sign of damage. Despite numerous attempts to tell them we weren't interested and to step away from the car, they wouldn't. I stopped pumping gas after just a few seconds and went to a different station. —DukeMcAdow

2011-02-23 00:55:27   Friendly service at the store, cheap cigarettes. —rrenati

2013-11-24 13:57:59   This Chevron is cheaper than the one on Anderson, Probably due to it's proximity to the 80 —StevenDaubert