From May to October, the Sacramento region is subject to regular and frequent days marked by ground level ozone... the primary ingredient in smog. During this time of year, area air districts issue "Spare the Air" advisories when such days are forecast. Summers typically see about 25 Spare the Air advisories issued.

On Spare the Air days, residents are asked to be particularly aware of airborne pollutants they may be contributing to the environment and are asked to make a personal effort to reduce such pollutants. Suggestions for significantly reducing individual contributions include:

  • Carpooling
  • Using public transit — for free on spare the air days
  • Postponing/combining errands
  • Avoiding the use of gas powered tools & equipment
  • Avoiding the use of charcoal lighter fluid and outdoor cooking

Visit for additional information or to sign up for text/phone/email alerts of Spare the Air days.