Davis and the surrounding areas has some spooky places. Haunted houses, mysterious bridges, abandoned factories, etc. This page attempts to be a comprehensive list the spooky, creepy, and mysterious places in the area. Some places may be sites of....paranormal activity.


The Baxter House The Baxter House - Abandoned for nearly 40 years, this house on UC Davis property near the airport looks very haunted and upon walking inside, it feels very haunted too. The house was boarded up and the interior was inaccessible for quite some time, until the house was burned down by the fire department. The grounds, however, are still pretty spooky.

The Werner-Hamel House - Built in 1859, this is the oldest structure in Davis. Supposedly owned by cattle ranchers who worked their laborers to death, and haunted by the spirits of the latter. This is very unlikely, but the house is fairly creepy looking. It is located in South Davis.

Historic City Hall - Davis PD moved to a new building recently, after having been in the old City Hall that was built in 1938 or so. Downstairs, after it was vacated, in the Women's restroom, there was seen a wild haired redheaded woman rushing toward the 2nd stall door in an 'attack' posture with outstretched arms and claw-like hands towards a person's face.

- Taken from http://theshadowlands.net/places/california1.htm - QuynhNguyen

    Dumpster at Slatter's Court - Simply put: 157 pounds of human remains that were stolen from the UC Davis medical center were found in this dumpster in the June of 2003. David Lawrence Beale, a former autopsy assistant, was later convicted of stealing the bodies.

    Evil south Silo Bathroom - Always really dark at night and with holes in the walls so people can look in.

    FearOverload Haunted House - FearOverload Premier Haunted House located in the Westfield Downtown Plaza in Sacramento. Are you ready to experience true fear this October?

    Davis Cemetery - Spooky for obvious reasons.

    • I grew up two houses down from here and we used to play here all the time. I never had a spooky feeling or felt the presence of ghosts, despite the fact that I believe they exist. Its a pretty calm and relaxing place actually. -JimSchwab

    The Tremont Church and Cemetery - The first time I saw wooden head stones was here; it was late at night. They are old, worn of all writing, and very spooky. Take Mace south into the farm fields for about 3, give or take, miles, and then take a right on Tremont Street. It's easy to miss, but worth finding. The church is about a 1/2 mile west on Tremont, on the left.

    - Please respect this place when visiting. - Wayne Schiller

      The Binghampton Cemetery - This place is not really in Davis, but a few miles south of Dixon on Hwy 113. It is an old cemetery with many stones from the 1800's. Its location is remote and many of the stones have been chipped or abused, making the place desolate and lonely.

      - Visit, but please respect the graves. - JeffTolentino

        The Davis Cemetery The Tremont Cemetery The Binghampton Cemetery


        Site of the Chiles Mansion - Site of a 1970's murder-suicide.

        The Haunted Gazebo

        - "It's a gazebo and it's haunted. — BrianTrott"

        - Once, on a late night visit to the moon garden, my boyfriend and I spied a shadowy figure standing directly in the center of the gazebo. When my bf shined his keychain flashlight at the figure, it turned out to be an adult male standing perfectly still with his back to us. He shined the light on the guy for a few seconds but he never turned around or moved at all. Very creepy experience. - AynReyes

        The Foundation - During the day, not so creepy, During the night, creepy. It is sometimes featured in ghost stories.

        Orchard Park Greenhouses - Not too spooky, but keeping the idea of mutant, killer plants in mind may help.

        Stevenson Bridge - Built in 1923, this bridge passes over Putah Creek and is is covered in graffiti. Beneath it lies abandoned vehicles, among other things, as well as (if the rumors are true) trolls. Maybe trolls, but the abandoned vehicles have been somehow?!? removed —StevenDaubert

        The Haunted Gazebo The Foundation Orchard Park Greenhouses Stevenson Bridge

        Disturbia :  Haunted House 2017 (by DHS Jazz Choir)


        Saturday, Oct 28, 2017:  7pm - midnight

        Appropriate for ages 12 and older.  Estrella Pl, North Davis (follow signs from Covell at Catalina).  $5

        Former Spooky Places

        The East Eighth Abandoned House East Eighth Abandoned House — Formerly a big dirty white house between D and F on Eight. It had been abandoned for years yet the lawn gets mowed every few weeks or so and it had a paper delivered to it. The house was filled with garbage. Piles and piles of dusty messy garbage throughout each room. The elderly couple that lived in the house passed away several years ago. Their children had been in and out of court fighting over who gets the house. Ownership of the house was in limbo for a while but it has now been renovated and is occupied.

        The Jagged Tree The Jagged Tree — This tree was in the field at the corner of Covell and Pole Line Road. This tree looked like it was straight out of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. Unfortunately, the tree is no more, having been broken by the winds.

        Hunt Wesson Plant — The cavernous abandoned tomato factory near Nugget market on Pole Line. It was empty for many years. The the Davis SWAT team trained there.

        - This place has recently been demolished and is currently just a foundation. No buildings are left. If you venture out there on full moons however, you can still hear the cry of millions of tomatoes being squashed into ketchup - JeffTolentino