The big ones hide in the deep grass.

A different sort of sport. It's playing around with the squirrels.

Take a fishing pole, or just a stick, and wrap some string, twine, whatever, around a couple of nuts. Not so tight it won't come off, but tight enough to hold a couple minutes. Let a squirrel grab the nut, and wrestle it back and forth. A squirrel shouldn't get hurt by this, the string is wrapped around the nut, and the goal of the game is to to lead the squirrel closer to you (gently) before letting him get the nut out. Squirrels can be really cute rolling around and wrestling, even if you're not trying to lead him anywhere. Just be fair, don't tease them and take the nuts outta their hands. It's harmless fun as long as you don't overfeed or be rough with a squirrel by accident.

I used to do this with the family while camping. Certainly helps to make up for the lack of internet access.TarZxf