Stan, the Submerging Man is an 18-foot-tall giant who guards the John Natsoulas Art Gallery. He always wears a 19th century diving dress complete with helmet. Stan was created by Finley Fryer out of colorful vinyl records and plastic refuse. He made his public debut at the 1999 Burning Man Festival. Although Stan was not as popular as Burning Man, many people appreciated him for his cooler temperament.

Before moving to Davis, Stan spent a few years hanging out in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. At night time, he glows with an unearthly luster to keep evildoers at bay. His body was implanted with an RFID chip that allows him to communicate thoughts through invisible waves, especially as part of the Transmedia Art Walk.


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2013-10-04 11:44:17   Not what I want to see when I enter Davis. —RockinKathy

2013-10-04 12:24:45   What's wrong with him, RockinKathy? I think he's very cool! linkConstantiaOomen