This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.




Since StarFixIT is a sole proprietorship, it can occur that Jeroen is out on a home-call. To make sure Jeroen is there when you come over, just give him a ring. The clock outside shows the time when Jeroen plans to be back, or "open" when he is present.

Davis, Sacramento and surrounding areas
By appointment only
No longer active
2002 in the Netherlands 2011 in Davis
Hourly rates for labor
$50 drop-off $60 at your home - Call for a fixed priceFree pickup and return in DavisFree diagnosis (drop-off only)
Payment Method(s)
Visa / AMEX / Discover / Mastercard / Cash / Check / Paypal / Davis Dollars

StarFixIT offers computer repair and web design services.

Computer Repair

The office where computers get fixed

Jeroen fixes every brand and type computer from his home-office or at your home. He has 11 years of experience in this field and removes viruses, fixes blue/broken screens, computers that won't turn on at all and all other computer related problems. He also provides custom build computers that fits your needs.

There are no call-out charges in Davis; for other areas you can use the calculator on StarFixIT's site:


Web Development

Jeroen develops PHP applications like online databases, web-shops, content management systems and websites for SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals. If you already have a website, Jeroen can help you optimize and professionalize your website.



Waiting 'room', you can get a drink, read a paper or browse the internet while you are waiting.



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2011-12-17 17:46:31   John helped me solve some programming and design issues on my Veterinary website. The price was fair and the work was very fast. I would definitely use him again. Thanks. —KeithBerry

2011-12-29 12:21:00   John did an excellent job removing some nasty malware from my computer. He was able to complete the work the same day I called and the price was very reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone! —TerryPalmere

2012-01-20 17:02:05   Hi John, I see in one of your pictures you have Tux sitting on top of a cabinet. Did you by any chance win that at the LUGOD 13th anniversary meeting? Your office setup looks really nice. Best of luck to you. —aroach12

  • Hi aroach12, yes, I won that Tux at the LUGOD anniversary. I was there for the first time and really liked it. Thanks for the compliment! —JeroenPost

2012-06-25 08:43:52   John is a friendly, patient computer expert. He spent nearly an hour diagnosing the problem with my laptop, taking it apart AND putting it perfectly back together, and didn't want to charge me. Great service, super friendly person. The rates that he gives are very reasonable, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to John for any future problems. —jimhu

2012-06-25 21:26:59   I highly recommend John Post, as a very profesional and skilled computer technician. He fixed my 5 years old computer. First I asked for advice if I need to buy a brand new computer because it was very slow and it gaves me wrong information all the time. He said "I can make it brand new". I was surprised when he said that. He saved me a lot of money from having to buy a new computer. Mirasol from next door. —MirasolHill

2012-09-29 15:19:25   I spilled a pint of root beer on my laptop at 6:00 on Friday four days before my dissertation was due and John had my computer working by 1:00 the next day. His prices are reasonable too. He also looked at an old computer of mine to see if he could fix it and because he couldn't he didn't charge me. I would definitely go back to him. —LauraFeinstein