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The Star Trek Club at UC Davisinking, exploring the unknown, and humanitarianism. The club was fouhe and several classmjoyed a UC Davis seminar that studi, racial, ecripact on "realogy and social issues.

To staate with clubsetings, join the Froup "The Star TDavis"


Meetings are once a week for general meeting features an episode theme of the  intelligent  other media.


We accept  encouraged to check l fandoms 

Club dues are $52015: Justice Systems

Theme of the Fanaticism

February 2015: Chaos in Space

January 2015: Children of the Enterprise

December 2014: Enterprise Mirrorverse

November 2014: Prime Directive

October 2014: Computers Messing Amy Fink

  • First Officer (Treasurer):  (Event Planner): Communications/Diplomatic Officer: Anna Nicole Torres


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2012-01-06 14:16:35   Qapla'! —CovertProfessor

2012-01-06 21:32:04   I'm the resident voyager branch of this club, stuck off by myself in the Delta quadrant —StevenDaubert

2013-04-28 02:01:02   How did I miss that there was a Star Trek class and club at UC Davis?? I totally would've brought some Little Caesar's and my NCC-1701-A pizza cutter. —JaredCrisologoSmith