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Meeting Times
Tuesdays 7-8:30 PM
Meeting Location
Hart 1150

The Star Trek Club at UC Davis is a student organization whose continuing mission is to watch Star Trek, discuss Star Trek, and have fun! We also work to promote values such as critical thinking, exploring the unknown, and humanitarianism. The club was founded by Rachel Pevsner in 2010 after she and several classmates enjoyed a UC Davis seminar that studied the Star Trek series, its social, racial, economic, and gender commentaries, and its impact on "real life" technology and social issues.

To stay up to date with club activities and meetings, join the Facebook group "The Star Trek Club @ UCDavis"


Meetings are once a week for one hour. The general meeting features an episode of Star Trek chosen within the theme of the month, occasional intelligent discussion about the episode, and general discussion about Star Trek or other media.


We accept everyone and are especially fond of new members and new ideas! We are predominantly composed of UC Davis undergraduates, but graduate students and community members who are interested are encouraged to check us out, as our meetings are considered open to the public. All fandoms are welcome!!

Club dues are $5, and help support the events and food provided at meetings.

Theme of the Month

June 2015: Justice Systems

Theme of the Future


Themes of the Past

March 2015: Justice of the Federation

April 2015: Fanaticism

February 2015: Chaos in Space

January 2015: Children of the Enterprise

December 2014: Enterprise Mirrorverse

November 2014: Prime Directive

October 2014: Computers Messing with the Main Crew

September 2014: Alien Cultures Observing Main Characters

The Senior Staff 2015-2016

  • Captain (President): Amy Fink
  • First Officer (Vice President): Paige Begun
  • Grand Nagus (Treasurer): Marina Vollin
  • Transporter Chief (Event Planner): Liann Do
  • Communications/Diplomatic Officer: Anna Nicole Torres


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2012-01-06 14:16:35   Qapla'! —CovertProfessor

2012-01-06 21:32:04   I'm the resident voyager branch of this club, stuck off by myself in the Delta quadrant —StevenDaubert

2013-04-28 02:01:02   How did I miss that there was a Star Trek class and club at UC Davis?? I totally would've brought some Little Caesar's and my NCC-1701-A pizza cutter. —JaredCrisologoSmith