This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


State Market is a departed business that was a long-time institution in Davis. Part of the IGA grocer's association, there were four locations at different times:

  • a store in the Davis Manor shopping center on East 8th Street just west of Pole Line (1940s - 1965)
  • a store downtown on the southeast corner of Second and D (1942 - 1984)
  • a store on Russell and Anderson (where Rite Aid is now) (1965 - January 1996)
  • and in its final incarnation as Harvest Market inside of a former Safeway in University Mall. That location is now occupied by Cost Plus. The Payless next door became a Gottschalks. The name listed on their shopping bags and announced during intercom advertisements identified the store as State Market's Harvest IGA.

State Market was owned by the Gee family, who operated it for three generations. State Market closed its East Davis store first. The downtown and West Davis stores remained popular until finally the downtown location shut its doors, leaving downtown without any grocery store (the Safeway on G Street where the Co-Op is now had closed years earlier). The staff consolidated its shifts with the staff at the Russell Boulevard store, which closed in January 1996, seemingly forever, with a huge closing sale, farewell party, and remembrances from the community at large. But not too long after, the Gee family decided to re-open across the street in the mall, with a stronger emphasis on produce, which has long been State Market's strength. Unfortunately this last store also closed in Fall 2002, and State Market is no more.

Besides the Gee family, State Market was home to some of Davis' well known business employees, some of whom were known throughout town by their first names only. Long-time employees Dianne Hinsz, Art Gonzales, and Judy Taxara were familiar to thousands of customers for years.


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2011-08-05 17:18:39   Was talking to my folks about the old 2nd and D location. It had wood floors, small wooden carts... very old, very small. I remember as a young kid thinking how strange it was that when you went out the door of the store, you went straight out on to the sidewalk. No parking lot, no long walk to the sidewalk and street... it was right there. Just another random childhood memory. —OldDavis73