There are a lot better places than Davis to find steak — Davis has no dedicated steak house, for example, even though some wish that there were one (while others might not). But there are some places in and around Davis where steak-ish food items can be found. The goal of this page is to collect them.


A cut of round sirloin from Nugget Market.


Okay, sure... most grocery stores have various cuts of beef. But if you're looking for an experience that is beyond your typical styrofoam tray and plastic wrap cooler, you need good meat. Really good meat. Here are some of the places you might want to explore in your quest for the perfect cut.

  • Beef Barn — not legal, go to the Meat Lab later to find these same cows in an approved form.
  • Meat Lab — not a restaurant, but if you are looking for the raw materials you can find a good deal here.
  • Nugget Market on Covell regularly offers a small number of Chateaubriand, a thick extra-tender cut, and they often have a sale price on it.
  • Trader Joe's — They have some decent cuts of meat.
  • Yolo Land & Cattle

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