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The Steampunk Society AKA the DSS, was established in the Winter of 2010, by ten intrepid students with an interest in the steampunk subculture of the late 2000s, focused on DIY projects, fact, fiction, and fantasy.

The Steampunk Society is a fusion of art, history and science: a place where ideas from diverse fields converge. We look to history for inspiration and the wisdom to meet the challenges of our world. Building on the style, natural philosophy and social traditions of the French and Scottish Enlightenment, we endeavor to revolutionize the approach to practical and aesthetic problems faced in everyday experience.

Recent activities include volunteer work on operations for Picnic day and introduction courses at the UC Davis Craft Center (Facebook group).

The DSS has a strong emphasis on the concept of the Renaissance Man, and encourages every member to expand their horizons and learn multiple trades and talents. Every spring, the members attend an event called the Maker Faire (link).

Founding Officers

  • D. Zaks- Projects Engineer
  • K. Braver- Secretary
  • S. Dennehy- Treasurer
  • A. Lal- Vice President
  • J. Kohler- President


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2011-10-11 11:28:57   Genuine steampunk! —StevenRoseJr