Stirling in The Sun is a party band based in the Davis area that exemplifies the musical qualities of numerous genres, including rock, reggae, metal, and funk. The first traces of Stirling in the Sun originated when guitarist Richard Chowenhill and drummer Navid Zamani met in a music theory class at the University of California, Davis. The musical chemistry was apparent and indisputable; Richard and Navid began jamming and writing music together almost immediately. After about a year of daily jam sessions, Navid and Richard were introduced to Matt Miller when auditioning for a rock band for the “History of Rock” class offered at UC Davis. Rob Sabino, the lecturer for the class and former musician (keyboardist in the band Chic and wrote numerous songs for popular artists, including Madonna, Sly and the Family Stone, and others), clearly saw the chemistry between the three, and knew they had to be in the same band. Matt proved to be the missing link. His proficiency on the bass guitar meshed perfectly with the musical expertise and understanding of Richard and Navid. After a very successful performance for the class, the band disbanded; however, Matt continued to play music with Navid and Richard. In late 2008, Navid realized the potential the trio had and with what ease they learned songs, and suggested the idea of a party band to Matt and Richard. Thus was formed The Sun. After a month of practicing and keeping a look-out for a potential singer, Matt came across Stirling Freeman winning a rap battle at a party, and immediately realized what he had stumbled across and asked her to play with them. Thus was Stirling in The Sun. After a number of months of practicing and performing shows, Matt introduced Josh Taylor, Joe Mendoza, and Chris Garretson as saxophonists, who added the perfect complement to the band. Thus were formed The Sunspots. The extensive musical backgrounds of all the members and completely different styles culminated in a glorious blend of music that stimulates and invigorates everyone that experiences it.

Stirling in the Sun is:

Stirling F: Vocals Richard Chowenhill: Guitar Matt Miller: Bass John Zamani: Drums/Ethnic Flavor Josh Taylor: Saxophone Joe Mendoza: Saxophone Chris Garrettson: Saxophone

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