423B L Street , between 4th and 5th streets
Next to L Street Furniture
By appointment
(530) 758-1719
Facebook page
Sarah Clanton
October 1, 2011
Payment Method(s)
Take-out orders are cash-only

Stone Soup Catering & To Go provides event catering, wedding catering, and pre-order take-out meals with a focus on using all fresh and seasonal ingredients. The Davis Food Co-Op features Stone Soup Catering & To Go's soups in their deli. Stone Soup Catering & To Go is a UC Davis approved caterer as well.

This business should not be confused with the similarly named Stone's Catering or Stone's Cafe & Catering; the name "Stone Soup" is a reference to a picture book by Marcia Brown. Let Them Eat Cake was formerly at this location.


One of the business's ads in The Davis Enterprise


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2011-11-04 17:07:32   Just stopped for the first time, and am totally loving the seafood chowder. I'd highly recommend this to anyone. Support local businesses that make awesome food! —JerseyCity

2012-03-23 13:46:56   These women are truly incredible! They embrace a very unique passion to the meals they create while allowing flavor to empower a very healthy alternative to eating out. It's always refreshing to walk into their shop, not only is it clean but even if they didn't have lights...their smiles would light up the room! —thebikepeople

2012-07-16 20:05:44   Best restaurant in town. Tasty food and awesome folks. —Angel.York