This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Former Location
4100 Chiles Road, Davis, CA 95618
Hours + Check-In/Out Time
Checkin at 3pm, Checkout at 11am
(530) 792-0800
July 2010
Payment Methods
Credit Cards, Cash, Checks

The Stone Villa Hotel Davis is a local hotel with 79 rooms in a two story building. They have a pool and fitness center and are pet friendly.

They were formerly the Howard Johnson Hotel and updated the rooms before and for a period of time after they changed to Stone Villa.

As of July 2010, the Stone Villa Hotel is under new management.

As of January 2011 the property is now called Days Inn Davis

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2010-05-15 15:22:45   The owner Manu is a bad businessman! I was lied to about rates, availability, and cancellation processes of my room. I made a reservation for graduation and was unable to cancel (4 weeks in advance) because of the "special rate" I was given. After I was given inconsistent information by staff members I was directed to Manu. Manu and I talked on the phone until he abruptly ended the conversation and told me he'd call me back. After he didn't, I went down to the hotel to speak with him in person the next day. Manu called me a "liar" when I asked him about why he didn't call me back and cited "I was busy" as the only reason for not doing so. At the time I booked the room I was not informed that it was an unchangeable reservation. Typically, one could cancel a hotel with no penalty no later than 48hrs in advance but not here. Be prepared to be lied to, manipulated, and insulted if you choose to do business here. I will never consider staying here again and would advise anyone looking for a room in Davis to go elsewhere.

TLDR: rude employees, bad service, don't stay at this hotel!!!!

Other notes: It's very far away from downtown and the lobby was dirty.


2010-05-16 21:22:56   Do not stay at this hotel the owner is unethical. I was NOT told I could not cancel my room. I was given a discount and paid for my room ahead of time to hold my room. I then found other housing and was told I could not cancel my room. I was never told I could not cancel the room before I tried to cancel. Mind you the arrival date is not until a month from now, which gives them plenty of time to fill the room. I was called a liar and I never even spoke to the owner but to one of his staff. I would not recommend this hotel. I travel in my business and have never been treated like this and have never not been able to cancel a reservation! It took my son to go to the hotel in person to resolve the issue. —cheryl52

2010-06-25 15:47:55   I agree fully with the other posts here. What a nightmare! First, I made reservations for my son and his wife 3 weeks before they were due to arrive. Stone Villa took my charge card info in order to reserve the room for 3 nights (at a guaranteed rate of $79.99 a night). The next day I was checking my bank balance online and saw that they had put the charge through for $266!!!! I called to complain and they asked me to fax in a copy of my online bank statement, which I did. They then credited my account. Then, this week after checking my son and his wife in on Tuesday, on Wednesday I was checking my bank balance and saw that they had put the charge through again, prior to my son checking out of the hotel!!! I called to complain but they said that the manager was not in. I left a message to be called back, but wasn't called back. Then, today, when my son checked out, they came to my apartment and he handed me the printout he was given. The printout indicated they were charging the room at $109 a night, $30 more than was guaranteed three weeks ago. I still have not been called back by the manager. Unless you're interested in being repeatedly scammed, DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!! —gregscott

2010-07-18 12:01:57   Just to provide another point of view: my parents just found an affordable room online at this place, and were quite happy with the room, the rate, and the cleanliness of the place. Admittedly, the made the reservation last minute and didn't try to cancel... —itayneta

2010-09-22 08:02:50   I just reciently stayed at the Stone Villa Hotel and was quite impressed. I have stayed at the hotel before when it was Howard Johnson and was discusted with the servise and management. To my understandings the hotel is under new management and is trying quite hard to turn things around. The service was much better this time around along with great employee service. I do plan on staying at Stone Villa again in the future because of my positive experience. —J.Werbelow

2010-11-01 12:25:59   Mr Collins We understand your frustration regarding this issue and it is totally justifiable. However, Manu is not here anywhere as from the time we took over in July 2010. Our cancellation policy is 24hrs before the date you check in. We understand anything can happen and there are situations that are beyond our control. We are under new management as we mentioned already and a lot of things are changing for the best. Come visit our property if you have a chance, our rooms are great after the renovations and we will definitely go the extra mile to put a smile on our quests' faces. Another point I want to make, is that we do not charge our guests until the day they check out unless if it is a long stay. If any mistake happens regarding your charges, we take care of it immediately and we always call back when we said we will call back. —RoopaBabooram