Adult Pool

919 Lake Blvd.
Mon-Fri 6:00AM-9:00PM
Sat-Sun 7:00AM-9:00PM

Stonegate Country Club is located in West Davis on Lake Boulevard. Membership is tied to being one of the property owners in the Stonegate development. Their mission statement is "Stonegate offers affordable social and recreational opportunities for all members while protecting and enhancing their investment". All owners of residential property in the Stonegate Community are members; they must submit a registration form to the club outlining residents of the home. Apartment complexes in the Stonegate Community are provided with a limited number of memberships for apartment residents; one membership is reserved for the complex owner. Members who live in apartment complexes pay around $16 per month for membership. House owners or renters in the community pay quarterly dues which amount to approximately $41 per month.

The clubhouse has free wireless internet.

Facilities include:

  • Ball fields
  • Six tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Three swimming pools (open March 1st-November 30th)
  • Fitness center
  • Waterfront clubhouse (pool, ping-pong, foosball, etc.)
  • Stonegate Lake (and a fleet of sailboats and other craft)

Meeting room and picnic grounds may be reserved by members for an additional fee.

There are year-round member-only events, including a Fourth of July picnic, holiday parties, concerts, a Winter Crab Feed dinner and Summer Luau.

Stonegate Country Club is a neighborhood polling place on Election Day.


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2010-03-29 20:41:51   I went there today and their employees always cover the pool at different times. Sometimes 15 minutes before closing sometimes an hour. They close the pool up an hour before they close :( —DripsJ

2011-08-12 18:04:03   The GM Steve has decided that he doesn't care for me. Today he told me to throw away my trash while I was eating lunch. Thanks Steve, but I'm not finished eating yet so I won't be throwing anything away til then. Day before that he made up a rule that my dog, Maverick, was not allowed to enjoy the paddle boats with us. The paddle boats are pretty fun actually, though they don't go as fast as I remember. And they're too small for a grown man. Canoes, that's where the action is. I look forward to more advice and rule enforcement on my future visits. —MikeyCrews

2011-12-28 12:47:10   Steve's been pretty nice to me recently. Maybe he was just having a bad week before or needs a little warming up to. Still, I wish I could take my dog canoeing. —MikeyCrews

2012-01-13 16:31:35   I think I rushed to judgement on Steve, he seems like a pretty good guy. —MikeyCrews