Friendly Canines Create Community!

Location Field in front of Stonegate Country Club on Lake Blvd. in West Davis.

Time Most activity begins about an hour before sunset and continues until the Club closes at 9:00pm.

Membership Limited to members of Stonegate Country Club. Guests must be accompanied by a member.


  1. Curb your pup: pick up their poop, and shout out a friendly warning to other dog's owners if they're distracted by the enthralling conversation of other humans

  2. Socialize your pup: rarely does a dog not get socialized by the existing pack, but it helps to have some encouragement from the humans... don't be surprised if someone else teaches your dog to "shake"

  3. First learn the dogs' names, then a few months later worry about the humans' names... until then, "Sierra's parents" or "Bonnie's mom" will suffice

  4. Dogs are pack animals. Allow them to create their own social structures as long as nobody has to visit the vet... the phrase, "Ed, where is Ed? Ed, can you take a look at this?", should not be uttered very often.

Record Attendance

08/29/05: 28 Friendly Canines in all sizes from Bijou & Annie to Candy & Bear!

this date hasn't happened yet... do you mean 08/29/04?

Previous Record: Summer of 2004: 21 dogs

2011-04-01 01:19:59   - The dogs and community here are fantastic. This is a private dog park, and there are lots of stories of dog owners being scolded for letting dogs pee on the bushes, hose off in the parking lot, and participate in other typical dog park activities. It would be nice if some guidelines were posted to avoid these situations. —sweetMeliss