2950 Portage Bay West
Near the intersection of Russell Blvd. & Lake Blvd.
Monday - Friday from 8 :00 am & 5:00 pm  Saturday from 10am - 4pm
Phone/Email: 530.756.2950 - stonegatevillage@stonesfair.com
Tours are available Monday - Saturday from 10am to 4pm (best to make an appointment!)
Feature Highlights
Central Heat/Air, Fireplace, Dishwasher, Patio, and Gas Stove
Community BBQ Area, 24 hr Fitness Center, Laundry, & Study Lounge!
2 Pools, Country Club Memberships Available, Pet friendly - Up to 3 pets!
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Stonesfair Management

Welcome to Stonegate Village Apartment Homes located in Davis, California where you will find quality living, state of the art amenities and excellent customer service at an affordable price. Stonegate offers spectacular one and two bedroom apartment homes and two bedroom townhomes. Each apartment home has heat and air, gas ranges, dishwashers and private patios/balconies. Also, in select units you will find fireplaces and vaulted ceilings. The community amenities offers you two sparkling pools, a 24-hour fitness center and study lounge and 3 laundry facilities. We are on the Unitrans Bus Route and are conveniently located close to shopping, schools and you will have easy access to the freeway. Please call Stonegate Village today and talk to a friendly staff professional.

Community Photos




 Community Features

24-Hour Fitness Center
Three 24-Hour Laundry Facilities
24-Hour Study Lounge (With wifi and printers)
On Unitrans Bus Routes D & K
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
Stonegate Country Club Membeship Available

Community Amenities

Public Transportation
Vaulted Ceiling
Walk In Closets
Water Sewer and Trash
Window Covering
Two Pools
Comcast Available
Ceiling Fans
Club House
Fitness Center
Close Freeway Access
Garbage Disposal
Internet Access Ready
On Site Laundry Facilities
Patio or Balcony
Air Conditioning
Cable or Satellite Available
Cats Allowed
Dogs Allowed (no breed restrictions)

2016 - 2017 Waitlist NOW Open for All Floor Plans

1x1 A plan- 640sqft $1185

1x1 B plan - 695sqft $1215

2x1 JR plan - 844sqft $1425

2x2 E plan - 988sqft $1475

2x2 D plan - 1012sqft $1525

2x1.5 Townhome plan - 1040sqft $1550


1 Bedroom Apartment - $500 Deposit
2 Bedroom Apartment/Townhome - $600 Deposit
Pet Policy - Up to 3 Pets with an Additional $600 deposit or $300 for 1 cat


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2005-11-16 16:23:31   I loved living here. It was quiet, peaceful, and pretty. Not a place for partiers. Lots of vet students. —ReginaSikora

2006-09-14 16:54:45   SBC DSL is available to some apartments in the complex —DanRubins

2006-12-14 17:14:12   My car was broken into from the complex's parking lot two days ago and had the radio stolen... Two months before that my previous car was stolen from the same lot. =( —KirkCowgill

2007-03-12 21:39:28   Due to some bad experiences with aggressive dogs, this complex no longer allows unneutered male dogs. While I won't be living here because of it, the apartment manager that helped us out was extremely friendly and helpful during the short time she worked with us. She tried to work out a compromise with us about the dogs, which was extremely generous of her, but the complex owner said no exceptions. Oh well, nice people though. —NicoleSams

2007-12-02 16:51:55   If you want to live here, it may help to know a resident. When we first stopped by here during our apartment hunt last year, the management was not very helpful. The second time we stopped by, we ran into an old friend in the parking lot. Then we went back to the office and told them we had a friend who lived there, and they promised to hold an apartment for us.

We love our apartment and how quiet it is, but I think the walls must be really thin; we haven't had any trouble with our neighbors' noise but we've inadvertently been louder than we realized and our neighbors were quick to complain to the manager instead of talking to us about it. Sometimes we can hear deep-voiced people talking through the walls and floor. VERY pet-friendly - many dogs and cats around.

Managers and maintenance are very friendly once you live there. I highly recommend getting to know them. —ElleWeber

2008-01-23 10:10:26   Can anyone tell me what the DSL speed is like in these apartments? —EmmyMelton

  • We have DSL and most of the time it's fine but sometimes it gets pretty slow. I've never had DSL before though so I don't know if that's average. —ElleWeber
  • When I moved in (Aug 2007) all of the DSL providers in the area told me that only the slower packages were available to this complex because of the distance issues associated with the DSL service. I chose to go with Comcast instead, and haven't had any problems in 6 months- other than the high cost of their service. —AricHorstman

2008-01-27 13:51:10   Why no Pitt Bulls —DR337

  • I think they had problems with behavioral issues.

2008-02-08 23:58:27   Does anyone know if the interiors of the apartments are nice here? I was looking at one place and the ceilings were really low, carpets were dingy,light fixtures hanging on chains...kind of had a creepy dungeon feel. Just wondering what it's like here since they don't offer tours until next Friday... —carrisaharding

—- I paint in Stonegate village in summers, I've seen first hand how much money John Brinley dumps (very constructively, no pun intended btw) into his complex. What specifically are you trying to figure out about the interiors... The walls will always have fresh paint on them, and I've seen more than my fair share of carpets replaced. They have good cabinents as well... Drop me a line if you want specifics —StevenDaubert

  • I really like the redone interiors, especially the cabinetry which is a paler wood. The loft ceilings with skylights on the top floors fill the apartment with light and make it very pleasant. We have new carpeting and a nice pale-salmon colored linoleum and new light-colored counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. We toured an un-remodeled apartment before we moved in, and I didn't like it as much, although they did have fresh paint which always helps. But I know they're trying to redo every apartment when the residents move out. The interior is the nicest of all apartments I've lived in while in Davis except for the The Colleges. —ElleWeber

2008-02-09 21:10:12   I spent a lot of time at this complex when it was new, and it was really a nice place, especially compared to most of the rest of the apartments available in Davis. I last saw it last Spring, and was very disappointed. The apartment that I saw was dingy and in bad condition. The management was not particularly friendly either. While this had originally been one of my top prospects, I found far better elsewhere. —IDoNotExist

  • From my experience, the management isn't very friendly until you sign the lease. But after that, they're really nice. The older apartments aren't great, but the remodeled ones are wonderful.

2008-02-16 03:14:30   so as of now roughly what percentage of the apt has been remodeled? does anyone know?? —ChingChing

They remodel pretty much every apartment that a lease has turned, they can't remodel the occupied units. —StevenDaubert

2008-06-25 22:29:20   I've liked living here so much better than the other 2 places I've lived in Davis. Since management has turned over, response rate is much quicker, but the only complaint I'd really have is that they remodeled my apartment prior to my moving in but a lot of stuff was defectively installed (carpet, cabinets with doors opening wrong direction, etc.) or never installed (like three light fixtures in our apartment). The apartments on the top floors are really airy though, with skylights, and their animal policy is great, and the complex is EXTREMELY QUIET. I've never had a problem with breakins or misbehavior which was terrible in Tanglewood and the employees here are downright friendly - I know them all on sight and some by name. So, if you can deal with some crappy installation and maybe some SOMETIMES slow response (only has gotten better), then the rest of it makes the place really worth it. —NatFin

2008-07-23 16:11:19   We've lived here two years and absolutely LOVE this complex! Be aware that the north side of the complex, with the junior bedroom units (2B/1B) is much quieter, nicer, and filled with longtime residents. The vibe can be different on the south side. Every apartment is redone when it turns over, which doesn't always happen in Davis. Rent can't be beat. Management and staff are responsive, friendly, and well-organized, although it does seem to help if you make a personal connection with them. They're very fair with security deposits, too, which is another rarity for Davis. As mentioned, very pet friendly!!! —DavisKid84

2009-01-17 15:30:03   My roommate and I are interested in living here next year but the pricing seems too good to be true. It just seems like there has to be a catch. Any information will be helpful. —Davinder

  • Davinder, the prices are probably near correct. I'm not sure what it would be if you move in as a new resident, but for me my rent is $1100 for a 2 bed 2 bath flat. The apartments are a bit older The people living here are really nice, and the management is super :) —AliceCheng

2009-01-29 15:10:18   how far of a bike ride is this place from campus/downtown? also, i called and was told they have no waitlist and they will lease on a first come first serve basis at some point in the future. is this typical? do people line up to get an apartment here or is it just whatever. —WeiChun

  • It's about 15 minutes. —OS
  • The apartment manager told me that they will have a first come first served leasing on March 2nd. I was told by my friend that last year she showed up at 4:30am. There were other people waiting, but she was able to get an apartment. —AliceCheng

2009-02-02 03:59:30   i want to live here?! how do i get in?! also, are they raising the rent here for the 09/10 year? Much Thanks :) —JuLuBeez

2009-02-03 14:54:03   New market prices for fall 2009 are as follows: Jr. Two Bedroom, $1030 - 1050 Townhouse, $1280-1300 2bed/2ba ("D plan"), $1180-1200 Didn't ask about the one bedroom or the E plan 2/2... The price difference depends on whether the unit has been fully or only partially re-modeled. —ElHarvey

  • The E plan is going to be $1150 next year. That's the lease renewal price, anyway, but I think they're all the same (I'm in one of those units right now). —AliceCheng

2009-02-23 17:27:46   I've lived in a junior one bedroom at Stonegate for the last 3 years and have loved everything about living here. The old manager was a bit nuts, but the current staff, Leanna, Bill, Troy and Jonathan couldn't be more wonderful- they are all incredibly friendly and helpful. They have been working their butts off the whole time I've lived here to renovate apartments, and they all look great. It's mostly vet students and families, so it's usually nice and quiet. Facilities (exercise room, pool, laundry room, etc) are very well maintained. I highly recommend living here. —GSB

2009-03-13 19:12:40   Do any current residents know how many 1 bedroom apartments (either of the two size options) are available on the top floors (to maximize sunlight)? Are these apartments located in noisy areas (like across the parking lot from other complexes where tenants are less than quiet)? —egghead

2009-04-29 19:22:58   Are there any availabilities for Fall 2009??? Smaller one is ok, like the Jr 2? —StephHolm

  • You're best off calling the office directly, but know that the Jr. 2's tend to be the more popular (and therefore less available) units, since you're basically getting a two bedroom apartment for the price of a one bedroom.

2009-04-30 16:32:02   is there ANYONE with a jr 2 or a smaller 2 bdrm whose lease i could take over starting fall??????? please????????? —StephHolm

2009-05-18 07:52:34   Can anyone comment on the closet space in the Jr. 2-Bedroom aside from the walk-in closet? —Pomona2006

2009-08-14 16:53:30   I have lived at Stonegate for 3 years now and I LOVE it! I am in a smaller 1 bedroom. The first summer I lived there I had a huge PG&E bill due to the wall unit, but once they replaced all the units with the new energy efficient units and replaced all of my windows, my PG&E bill was cut by 3/4 and my apartment is even cooler now during the summer! I LOVE the manager Leana. She was crazy sharon's assistant manager, but now she is the only one in the office. ANY type of maintenance issues, she is great about getting the maintenance (who are all FABULOUS as well) in the same day or by the next day! Crazy sharon would make up excuses and it would take weeks to get anything fixed in my apartment due to her forgetting to put in the request. Unfortunately the only downside of Stonegate is that it has been sold to a new owner! The new owner is Stonesfair management and they are HORRIBLE!!!! I lived at Greystone for 2 years and the manager there was just rude and was not very professional! I will not be renewing my lease for another year at Stonegate if Stonesfair brings in their people!!! —BigRob

2009-08-21 20:37:13   What company do people use for Water/Garbage and Cable/Internet.. Just trying to get a feel for what is a good company to use? —JoeyKistler

2009-09-03 12:21:25   I have a renovated D plan 2BR/2BA unit available for sublease from 9/20/09-8/31/10. Top floor! Raised ceilings + balcony. Rent is only $1160 (+/- $5 depending on if you have a pet)cheaper than most D units due to the time I have lived there. Please let me know if you are interested! —JenAndWinston

2009-10-05 12:43:17   I love it here too, just moved in last month. it's very quiet, altho i do hear all the after-party students stumbling back toward arlington farms. but i find that all rather amusing LOL! my dog loves it, i love it. i sure hope they keep leanna and the crew, and that the new owner is good! my apt didn't get the new cabinetry it desperately needs, but except for that they redid everything and it's great. —StephHolm

2009-11-25 18:37:45   I am looking to sublease by 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment on the 2nd floor. I would like to move out December 15th but I am flexible. The lease goes to September 2010, and you get the old rate of $1145 a month! email me at clheath@ucdavis.eduCrystalH

2010-04-08 19:27:50   We've been here several years and are sad to see how the new ownership, Stonesfair, has changed the business practices of this formerly fabulous property. Rent for 2010-11 was jacked up WAY beyond what these units are worth. Used to be a good deal, now just another Davis rip-off. Many longtime (read: quiet, conscientious) residents are moving out because they can't afford the new rates.

The office staff are friendly but the management team is negligent. We and several neighbors experienced severe leaking from our roof this winter, which caused visible water damage, falling plaster, and MOLD. Despite repeated phone calls and office visits, the problem wasn't addressed for four months, and even then all they did was paint over the damage.

Advice to future residents: As with most Davis landlords, be wary of Stonefair's business practices. Take photos/video of the property upon move-in. Note any pre-existing damages. Document your maintenance requests - when you placed the request and when it was fulfilled. When you move out, make sure to get an itemized list of deductions to your security deposit, and check that list with someone who can advise you about what a landlord can legally charge for damages.

Sorry to report that Stonegate is not the great complex it used to be! Talk with current residents to get their take before you sign a lease here.—DavisKid84

2010-04-09 19:01:57   I'm looking to sublease my two bedroom apt starting at the beginning of May. It's a great space. High ceilings in the living room, two bedrooms two bath on the second floor. The complex is quiet and pleasant. I've loved living here. The place was renovated when we moved in two years ago. email me at christopher.stevens.phd@gmail.com if interested. —clstevens

2010-06-17 21:51:47   I lived here for 7 years (2002 - 2008), so while I cannot speak about the new management, I can recommend the complex. Overall: Quiet complex, lots of people with pets (dogs, cats, lizards, fish), and great units. The pools and clubhouse are well maintained and good places to have get-togethers. Nice location in town, straight shot to campus down Russell Blvd. Noise did tend to carry through the floor and walls. No assigned parking, so the lot can get full. Noise from the adjacent Arlington Farm complex carries, especially if you're in a bordering unit. —StevenWorker


The apartments are nice, but the price that the new (corporate) management judges to be the "fair market value" is certainly no bargain.

And, beware of their policies. I just moved out and was charged over $120 dollars of my deposit for a regular paint (I lived in the apartment for two years) and over $150 for a professional cleaning when the place was left *extremely clean*. This is a first for me: I have lived in three different apartments in Davis and I have never had a cent deducted from any of my deposits.

Regarding the professional cleaning, corporate says that every apartment in California must be professionally cleaned and that this holds regardless of the condition upon departure (according to an on-sight office person). If that is their policy, you can count on handing them about $150 of your deposit automatically. I doubt that this is legal and plan to seek legal counsel. (What a *hassle*... one more reason for the message in all-caps above.) —BuckeyeAggie

2011-03-04 00:41:14   I like Stonegate, but as a veterinary student living in a unit bordering Arlington Farms, I wish that Arlington Farms would burn down. —inu

2011-04-06 12:12:50   I love living here. The new management has been very nice and I have had most of my problems fixed very quickly. They put in a new computer lounge/study area and a new equipment room is currently under construction. I live in a town house and do face Arlington Farms. With my window open it can be slightly noisy but otherwise I never hear a thing. The D & K bus lines come by very frequently and I found my new favorite pizza (Lamppost) right down the street. Rent is extremely cheap but the service has been excellent and I would recommend living here to anyone. —MattBrady

2011-07-30 17:06:52   Pitbulls are not the problem the owners are, i could train my chiwawa to eat your asshole —TheRealDeal

2011-07-31 05:30:58   When I worked out a lease with them there weren't any breed restrictions mentioned. —JennSka

2011-09-05 09:28:55   I'm moving in today and found out that although AT&T's website indicates that we can get their internet service here, the management has said that AT&T's packages that are worth getting (better than Comcast) are not available here because there would be a high installation cost to Stonegate that they're not willing to pay. This is extremely frustrating because Comcast has been nothing but a pain from past experience and what I've heard third hand. I wish Stonegate had been upfront about this when we were considering it as an option, we may have looked at other options where we could have better internet options. Buyer beware, especially considering it's entirely within their power to make AT&T available here. —micseydel

2011-09-19 18:10:06   RE: BuckeyeAggie's complaint

I just dealt with the exact same rubbish as you. I got charged 150 for a 'professional' cleaning and 120 ish for painting for my apartment that was left very clean with very little/any wear whatsoever. This was the first apartment complex I've been charged a penny.

Very disappointing because the unit itself was nice, a 2nd story plan A, but the gouging on the security deposit leads me to not recommend leasing here. If you do plan on living here, take meticulous photographs of the place showing its cleanliness/etc to fight being overcharged. —Strategiry

2012-01-28 11:28:15   I have a first floor, junior 2 bedroom (2 bedrooms/1bath; 844 sq ft) apartment that will be available for sublease starting April 1, 2012. It’s a quiet apartment with friendly neighbors, and easy access to parking and the bus lines (D & K). Cats and dogs (up to 75 lbs) are welcome. Please email me if interested: dedegroot@gmail.comLizeeD

2012-04-08 13:30:52   I believe I was told by the manager that they don't count small caged animals as part of the 3 pet limit, though you will want to verify the information before you fill your apartment with them as my room mate and I were getting tours of many apartments that day and all the information began to mesh together. If you plan to do any apartment hunting be prepared to make it a weekend excursion. Most of the places will give tours without an appointment from 10 am till 5 pm and estimate that it will be about 45 minutes per complex for every tour. I would also suggest you make a plan and a list of apartments from one end of Davis to the other, it will save time instead of running back and forth across town to view apartments. —Volleyballin

2012-06-06 18:12:52   We have a first floor, 1 bedroom (1 bedrooms/1bath; 640 sq ft) apartment that will be available for sublease from 1st July 2012 till 31st August 2012. Dates are flexible. Please contact at gudiyaneetu.singh@gmail.comvivekmalik

2012-12-03 22:21:56   I'm looking to sublease my second-floor two bedroom apt (floorplan D) starting in January 2013; exact start date is flexible. Lease is up for renewal in September 2013. Vaulted ceiling, skylight, and fireplace in the living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Also has central heat and air conditioning, gas range, dishwasher, and a private balcony. It's a beautiful space, 1012 square feet, with quiet neighbors. I've loved living here, but I've gotta move because of a job transfer. Please email for more info: jonjon6871@hotmail.com.JonathanPeretz

2013-08-31 11:40:46   We just moved out of this complex and loved it. The management is extremely nice and very helpful (and they didn't judge us for going into the leasing office barefoot in our pajamas to ask for quarters every few weeks). I love how pet friendly they are and it's a nice, quiet community to live in. I enjoyed living here. —TaylorHunsucker

2014-02-23 18:12:48   Looking for a roommate to move in to our townhouse ASAP until August 31st. You will have your own bedroom! Rent will be split down the middle, please email me for more information! jl2218@gmail.comJeffreyLeong

2014-09-29 13:02:14   Staff is usually friendly, however, beware they will keep half or more of your deposit!! This was the second time renting from Stonesfair Management, L.L.C. (East Lake Townhomes & Stonegate Village Apartments). Shame on me for leasing the second time but I had already signed the second lease when we got our first deposit back. I was told that my apartment was one (out of 45+) of the cleanest apartments they had seen on move-out day, and Stonegate still kept $328.60. Not to mention, they verbally informed all residents a week before of move-out day that $50 (not on lease) would be automatically removed for carpet cleaning... guess what they kept $105 for carpet cleaning. Make sure you get anything management says in writing & keep up with any repair orders. It's a shame that Stonesfair Management, L.L.C. uses questionable business practices and takes advantage of already struggling UCD students! —MargaritaR

2015-08-16 10:54:24   Positives *Quiet complex overall *Offered cheap country club memberships *Management is nice *They fix things right away when asked *Gym is small but the equipment is nice and up to date Negatives *Arlington Farms was right behind my apt and that complex was extremely loud at night and I had to close the windows. *Some tenants don't pick up their dog poo and a lot of people have dogs here which, is ok just clean up you shiz. *Stonesfair management is a piece of crap company that rips off students in any way possible. They get you with your security deposit. Stonegate only took $110 from my deposit which was surprising because I lived at another complex with the same management company and they took nearly the whole deposit and the house looked better and cleaner when I moved out . California tenants rights (see pg 53 regarding what landlords can actually deduct from your deposit) : http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/catenant.pdf —Disappointment

@Disappointment Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have, we would be happy to explain the charges incurred from your move out. – Stonegate Village Management

2015-10-12 14:25:33   The first six months I lived here it was okay, but generally I would not recommend this complex. The management is absent and seems to be more interested in unnecessary pool get togethers than in doing things that would improve the complex. A common theme now is undergraduate parties and generally loud behavior. The maintenance men leave their garbage all over the place including shopping carts from local stores that I guess they have stolen to use to transport their goods. The place is old and basically in a perpetual cycle of break and fix. Drains running over is fairly common as are water issues generally. As far as I can tell the current manager doesn't care that much about making this place any better—it's simply a 9-5. When I leave some other schmuck will quickly sign a lease so I guess there is no reason for them to really care. Needless to say this is the worst place I have lived and dream of leaving, daily. —criticalbill21

@criticalbill21 Thank you for your comments. Sorry you are not enjoying your time here at Stonegate. We would be happy to help you find a replacement in your lease. Although, as you know we would be happy to see if there is anything we can do to help you enjoy your time here. I hope we see you at the next resident event so you can meet some of your neighbors. - Stonegate Village Management


2015-10-16 18:44:01   I have lived in Davis for 5 years now and this is by far the best place I have lived in Davis. They are a wonderful pet friendly community (even though I do not have any pets of my own yet, its nice to know that I can). A lot of vet students live here so the noise levels don't get too crazy. The Management is super friendly and are very willing to help out with any problems you have. The Maintenance team is awesome! They are very on top of all our work orders from a burned out light bulb to a serious leak, they handle things in a timely manor and really go that extra mile to make sure you are all fixed up. I love the club house and the 24 hour gym and study room! I have only been here for 4 months and I just can't see myself moving anytime soon. —davis-derp

2022-04-18 18:04:41   Beware of the Stonesfair Management properties: there's been a recent staff shakeup at all their locations, and some VERY dubiously legal practices in play. 210 days (7 MONTHS) notice to break a lease is INSANE, as is attempting to trick future residents into signing onto a lease that certifies they've "inspected the unit" when they won't let you tour your specific unit before signing. Stay away if you possibly can. —smfoster