The Stop-Clap Game is a fun game aimed to encourage drivers (and cyclists!) to respect stop signs a bit more.

EBT first heard of this game from his friend James Banks.

How to Play

  1. Gather up some buddies; the more, the merrier.

  2. Find a three-way intersection with stop signs on all directions. This part is crucial. If you don’t want to take the trouble of scouting the target location in person, Google StreetView is your friend.

  3. Situate yourselves at the top of the “T”

  4. Wait for a vehicle to come by!

  5. If the vehicle comes to a complete stop, cheer, holler, applause, clap, etc.

  6. But if the vehicle only slows down, or worse, ignores the stop sign, boo as loudly as you can to show your disapproval.

  7. Wait for another vehicle and repeat steps 5 or 6 as appropriate.

Suggested Locations

  • The dividing point of 14th Street (that is, the intersection at B St. & 14th), in front of the Veterans Memorial Center. This is the classic location for the game, because there is a bench there for your comfort. Also receives a decent amount of traffic for the game to be effective while not draining (cheering and booing can be tiring!).
  • The intersection of Oyster Bay and Lake. Try hiding in the vegetation with camouflage wear.
  • The intersection of Arthur and Hampton. Note that this is in front of a residential household, so don’t loiter around too long. Also, traffic tends to be sparse except during the morning and evening rush.


  • Do not stand in the intersection. Incoming cars may strike you.
  • Use hand-held horns at your own risk. Some drivers may not take kindly to your feedback.
  • If the vehicle does not stop, do not try to run after it. Chances are, you won’t catch up.

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