This is an archive of the comments left on the Tangles page, before that business was replaced by Strands.

2008-11-14 13:59:51   The WORST hair service I have ever had. Could have done my hair color better myself from a box. Went to someone named Jamie. Heard good things but changed ownership and now called "Strands." —LaurenL

2009-03-31 17:37:59   I went to Tangles (Strands) for the first time today and was VERY disappointed. I showed Amber, my stylist, about four pictures of what I liked and four pictures of what I DIDN'T like, so that she could have a great idea of what I wanted her to do. She seemed to be paying no attention to what I was showing her, just nodding her head. I told her I was very picky, and she didn't even tell me what she was planning to do, after I repeatedly asked her questions about what it would look like. I had previously had super streaky highlights, so I asked her to tone down the streakyness of those. She that that very well, but my hair is basically back to brown now, with the streaky highlights that she added on the top. I had a few very blonde highlights before that had some major brown roots, and she didn't even cover them up! She tried to put a 'low light' over them, but 'she guesses it didn't take.' I didn't want a low light AT ALL because I told her I am trying to get my hair increasingly LIGHTER! I made another appointment to go back in two days to have her fix it, and if she charges me I will be so mad. She needs to fix the mistakes she made. —AnnaGarzon

2009-03-31 17:39:14   Also, Amber didn't give me the head and shoulders massage that they advertise. Very very disappointing. —AnnaGarzon