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This may a bit late, but where are the UCD streets and their navigation? Even Hutchison, which goes to Road 98, isn't listed.

Now there's new streets in the West Village. —BruceHansen

Hutchison Drive?

Yes. It's not listed here. I don't know if any UCD streets are listed; I don't see any notations that a listed street is a UCD street. -bh

Now it's listed here. Adding the new streets in West Village would be good. I don't see any reason why we need to label UCD streets. They're streets. They belong on this page. If they're not on here, add them. Problem solved. —TomGarberson

(edit conflict) Thanks for adding Hutchison. Consider noting UCD streets because city streets and UCD streets are different jurisdictions, if that's the correct word. Also Navigating Davis could have a section for UCD. -bh

It's already 2 days after full moon, but I'm feeling bummed out and glum and sad, very sorrowful about the lack of inclusion of campus streets in the street list. Now there's LaRue that's missing - uh! Where's Orchard? Where have all the Orchards gone? Dairy?? — I could cry until the cows come home. It's like a medium conspiracy of a City's exclusion. Where are the editors? "Gone to............. every one." anonymous