Student and general strikes are probably one of the most powerful weapons for change those without money or power have at their disposal. This is a space to discuss what issues people in Davis would be willing to strike for, as well as past and future strikes.

Maybe millions of civilians dead in Iraq aren’t enough. Maybe torture and illegal secret prisons aren’t enough. Maybe global warming, the oceans rising and species going extinct aren't enough. Maybe our lack of health care, rising education and housing costs aren't enough. Maybe our treatment of people from south of the border isn't enough. Maybe attacking Iran wouldn’t be enough. This is a space for us to find out.

Pro Strike

Anti Strike

Future Strikes

Past Strikes

After there are a lot of responses, this page should get reorganized under the different issues people care enough about to strike. If anyone has any information on other past strikes, such as the UCD Service Worker Strike in 2005, that info would be good to add as well.


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2007-11-06 08:19:48   Strikes are powerful, but be careful, they often lead to the firing (or demotion) of everybody. —MattHh

2007-11-06 09:27:42   Actually, if a strike clause is written into a union contract, then retaliation such as you describe is illegal. It takes bravery to organize non-union strikes (hence the name of one of our elementary schools). Conversely, I think it shows cowardice when unionized workers supported by a strike clause are afraid to strike. —MattJurach