The UC Davis Student Health Insurance Plan (Davis SHIP) is the insurance plan that UC Davis offers all registered students. Davis SHIP offers medical, dental and vision coverage. The costs for Davis SHIP for the 2013-2014 academic year are $588 per quarter for undergraduate students, $998 per quarter for graduate students, and $1,497 per semester for Law and Vet students.

Many of the services are handled on Campus at the Student Health and Wellness Center, though it also allows for referrals to other doctors. These are handled through an Aetna PPO plan. It pays:

  • 80% of in-network professional services (60% out-of-network)
  • 80% of in-network hospital services (50% out-of-network)
  • 100% of covered expenses after you have incurred $3000 in out-of-pocket costs for in-network covered services ($6000 for out-of-network services)

Since the University mandates that all registered students have health insurance, many students just consider it another student fee. However, if you have health insurance through your parents or elsewhere, you can fill out a waiver to get your fees reduced.

Davis SHIP also includes dental insurance, through Delta Dental and vision coverage through Anthem Blue View Vision.

The annual maximum benefit for dental services is $1,000 if services are provided by a provider contracted with Delta Dental at the PPO level. The annual maximum benefit is reduced to $750 if services are provided by providers not contracted at the PPO level. With a PPO provider, basic services, such as cleanings and exams, are covered 100%. Services such as fillings and root canals are covered at %80 when provided by a PPO provider. Most dentists in Davis accept Delta Dental insurance, but not all are contracted at the PPO level. If you want to know for sure just call the office to find out.

The vision benefits for Davis SHIP are: $10 copay for eye exams $25 copay for lenses $120 allowance for either frames or contacts per year. Most eye doctors in Davis accept SHIP Vision Insurance.

Davis SHIP will cover the cost of the HPV vaccine as of October, 2010.

Contraceptive services are covered by Davis SHIP.

For more information about Davis SHIP, go to


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As someone who's never had "real" health insurance (my parents are self employed) this seems pretty cool. They co-pay drugs and paid for half of my glasses. I think it's great, but somone coming from Kaiser or a different health insurance company may have a different oppinion - ArlenAbraham

2006-03-06 13:23:27   Insurance is great...try asking the 40 million Americans living without and suffering as a result. USHIP has its ups and downs. Frankly, I bristle at the fact that they don't also advocate low-income students to sign up for Medi-cal...they foist it on all students, regardless of economic background and capability to pay. WRONG. They should allow Medi-cal as an option. Funny, with their less-than-forgiving out-of-network charges, I'm going to be out $300. That's $229 for the insurance for 3 months, and $300 on top of that. Shitty, i say, shitty small networks do that. —QuynhNhuNguyen

2006-03-13 18:11:50   Note that unless you get your prescriptions filled on campus at the Student Health Center, you're going to be paying the full cash price of the drug. The health center's website has a form you can download to submit an rx claim, but they'll only reimburse you 50%, whereas at the Health Center you'd pay a $10 generic / $30 brand copay (as of Summer 05). —AshleyRummel

2007-03-15 17:02:05   I think it's annoying that I have to file a waiver every year. As long as I'm in school and my parents are employed, I'll be covered by their policy. There needs to be a permanent waiver for this. —WilliamLewis

2010-10-12 15:13:07   I thought I would share that GSHIP covers the cost of the HPV vaccine for the 2010-2011 school year, which is is pretty much AWESOME. —ChristyMarsden

2011-10-29 20:38:51   I need help finding a good dentist in Davis that accepts USHIP Delta plan. I have to get my wisdom teeth removed and need a cavity filled. I don't know how the dental plan works but I can't wait till Monday to go to the health center and ask them... please help —lenajay

2011-11-14 22:27:48   I've had better health insurance all of my life, and I can't accept the myth that the SHIP is something exceptional. It's health insurance that allows you to be treated on campus very reasonably, but if you seek better, more specialized treatment off of campus, it's going to cost you a bit more. My advice is for those students who are still covered by their parents plans to stay on them as long as you can. —LeTigre

2011-12-12 17:47:54   Dental has changed recently (mid 2011), at least on Delta Dental's side due to a controversial change in it's fee's for their PPO network all but 2 dentists in Davis have dropped. The majority are still part of Delta Premier, but expect to pay a little more - office visit is not 100%, most procedures are 40-60% covered.

2012-07-12 20:36:52   You can definitely have your prescriptions filled outside of the student health center. I live in Sacramento, and always have my local pharmacy call over and transfer the prescriptions. Same $5 price too, and I can pay cash, which you can't do at the on-campus pharmacy; there, you can only have it charged to your student account. This is with GSHIP, I don't know if USHIP is the same. —DavidBenjamin

2012-08-24 14:36:38   Will not cover any part of eye surgery. =( —MeggoWaffle