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Student Investors and Entrepreneurs (SIE), formerly Junior Investors and Entrepreneurs, is a student organization whose aim is to promote community and professionalism. We focus on topics that range from, but not limited to, personal finance, personal investing, networking, entrepreneurship, and retirement planning to the U.C. Davis student body as well as local communities in the surrounding area. We’re all about saving money, making money, growing wealth, finding and getting jobs. We hold several workshops per quarter as well as company tours, an investment competition, and several volunteer opportunities.


Workshop Series

SIE’s core program is its workshop series. The club conducts workshops throughout the year (typically four to six of them), with the aim of teaching students with little background in financial literacy effective and useful information. The workshops feature speakers from the business community and free dinner for attendees.

For details on upcoming workshops and other events, go to


What makes SIE different from most business clubs is that we’re deeply involved in our community and we help by volunteering as much as we can. We take part in several programs ranging from Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program , which involves helping file income tax returns for low-income families to Junior Achievement of Sacramento (JA), where volunteers go to local schools (K-12) and teach financial literacy, career planning, and money management.

Investment Competition

SIE also holds a yearlong investing competition within the members of the club.


SIE is sponsored by


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2010-10-17 19:31:43   Ah, from a blue dolphin to a green tree. Does your organization emphasize green businesses and investments, then? —CovertProfessor

  • The club supports green businesses/investments in general, though that's not the specific reason for the logo change. The new logo does portray the club's commitment to personal growth and sowing knowledge more effectively, however! SIE is a great way to build your own skills and give back to the community in an interesting way, and the new logo (coinciding with the new name) is an attempt to reflect this a little better. Thanks for the question! —AndrewWaag

2011-10-02 20:07:32   How did that Clean Cart thing work out? How many merchants are currently signed on? —JimStewart