The Student Nutrition Association (SNA) is one of two nutrition-related clubs on campus. They were formerly known as the Nutrition and Dietetics Association, but that was so long ago that no student at UCD can actually remember when that was.

SNA believes that good nutrition, including a well balanced diet and regular physical activity, is the foundation for health and development. For over 50 years, SNA has served the UC Davis campus community promoting this concept.

The Student Nutrition Association serves as a link to academic, social, and community resources for those interested in nutrition and health. Membership is open to any who wish to join. Members receive information, support, food (at the meetings), a discount on t-shirts, free or discounted admission for club events, and something to put on resumes and applications. All this for only $15 a quarter, or $25 for the whole year! If you want to know more, have any questions, or just like to send emails, we can be reached at

Recruitment for new members will begin again starting Winter Quarter!

We participate in community service, social networking, and the Davis Farmers Market.

More recent information can be found on our official website Look us up on Facebook! Find the Student Nutrition Association on Facebook!

~FUN EVENTS FOR MEMBERS~ —End of the Year Lake Adventure!!! —Restaurant Reviews at local Davis eateries

Officers for 2012

President- Cathy Huang Vice President- Amanda Nieh Secretary- Amy Kuang Treasurer- Amanda Schmidt IT Chair- Lisa Geurin Newsletter Editor- Natasha Fowler


Newsletter articles written by club members!


Nutrition News Fall 09.pdf

Winter 2010 Newsletter.pdf


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