Student Recognition Awards

Rationale for these awards: Many student leaders give generously of their knowledge, time, and energy, to serve and improve the University and/or community at large. These committed students rarely receive formal acknowledgment or compensation for their efforts. The following awards are offered to publicly recognize and celebrate the initiative and outstanding work of those students who represent the very best attributes and accomplishments of UC Davis students.

Senior Awards: The Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award The Veloyce Glenn Winslow, Jr. Award The Chancellor's Award of Merit

Junior Awards: The Margarita Robinson Student Leadership Award The Vice Chancellor's Award of Merit

Selection Criteria (see particular award, for more specific criteria): Overall Contribution: Nominees should be widely recognized as leaders held in high esteem by other students. They must have made a significant contribution through participation in campus or community service. Evidence of socially responsible, ethical, and outstanding leadership either in specific positions of responsibility or while engaged in service activities are indicators of a nominee's qualifications for the award. Self-nominations are acceptable.


see UCD Honors and Prizes for other awards.