Student Regents rotate in on the UC Board of Regents via a two-stage process. The first stage is non-voting, and the second stage is voting. There is only one student regent (plus one "student regent-designate" ). The UCSA Board of Directors, the Council of Student Body Presidents, and the Regents’ Special Committee to Select a Student Regent are all involved in the annual selection of the Student Regent. They participate in a process where three finalists are selected. The Regents may reject the list of finalists. When the finalist list is finalized, the Regents vote to select the student regent.

The current Student Regent is:

  • Sadia Saifudden, UC Berkeley undergraduate student

The current Student Regent-Designate is:

  • Abraham "Avi" Oved (designate), UC Los Angeles undergraduate student

Previous student regents from UC Davis:

Michael S. Salerno, 1977-1978 (law) Hector C. Lozano, 1979-1980 (senior sociology) Janice C. Eberly, 1985-1986 (junior agricultural economics) Deborah Thorpe, 1988-1989 (junior chemistry) Darby Morrisroe, 1993-1994 (senior political science) Adam Rosenthal, 2005-2006 (professional law)

Notable voting activity

During June of 2013, UC Student Regent Jonathan Stein was a member of the Regents committee that selected Janet Napolitano to be nominated and presented to the full Board of Regents for a confirmation vote.

Previous student regents

1. Carol Mock, 1975-1976, UC Santa Barbara, senior, political science 2. Daryn Peeples, 1976-1977, UC Berkeley, senior, English 3. Michael S. Salerno, 1977-1978, UC Davis, graduate, law 4. Renee Turkell, 1978-1979, UC Los Angeles, senior, English 5. Hector C. Lozano, 1979-1980, UC Davis, senior, sociology 6. Leslie K. Lurie, 1980-1981, UC Los Angeles, junior, politcal science/communications 7. David A. Neuman, 1981-1982, UC Los Angeles, junior, communications studies 8. Linda Rae Sabo, 1982-1983, UC San Diego, senior, philosophy 9. Richard Anderson, 1983-1984, UC Los Angeles, graduate, psychology 10. Fred N. Gaines, 1984-1985, UC Berkeley, graduate, law 11. Janice C. Eberly, 1985-1986, UC Davis, junior, agricultural economics 12. David B. Hoffman, 1986-1987, UC Los Angeles, sophomore, political science 13. Jacquelyn Ross, 1987-1988, UC Davis, senior, applied behavioral science 14. Deborah Thorpe, 1988-1989, UC Davis, junior, chemistry 15. Guillermo Rodriguez, 1989-1990, UC Berkeley, junior, sociology/communications 16. Jenny Doh, 1990-1991, UC Irvine, senior, political science 17. Diana Darnell, 1991-1992, UC San Francisco, graduate, anatomy 18. Alex Wong, 1992-1993, UC Berkeley, graduate, law 19. Darby Morrisroe, 1993-1994, UC Davis, senior, political science 20. Terrence Wooten, 1994-1995, UC Riverside, senior, biology 21. Edward Gomez, 1995-1996, UC Riverside, graduate, history 22. Jess Bravin, 1996-1997, UC Berkeley, graduate, law 23. Kathryn McClymond, 1997-1998, UC Santa Barbara, graduate, religious studies 24. Max R. Espinoza, 1998-1999, UC Los Angeles, senior, political science/Chicano studies 25. Michelle K. Pannor, 1999-2000, UC Berkeley, senior, conservation resources 26. Justin W. Fong, 2000-2001, UC Los Angeles, graduate, public policy 27. Tracy M. Davis, 2001-2002, UC Los Angeles, graduate, higher education and organizational change 28. Dexter Ligot-Gordon, 2002-2003, UC Berkeley, graduate 29. Matthew Murray, 2003-2004, UC Berkeley, junior, architecture 30. Jodi Anderson, 2004-2005, UC Los Angeles, graduate, higher education 31. Adam Rosenthal , 2005-2006, UC Davis, graduate, law 32. María Ledesma, 2006-2007, UC Los Angeles, graduate, higher education 33. Benjamin Allen, 2007-2008, UC Berkeley, graduate, law 34. D’Artagnan Scorza, 2008-2009, UC Los Angeles, graduate, education studies 35. Jesse Bernal, 2009-2010, UC Santa Barbara, graduate, education studies 36. Jesse Cheng, 2010-May 2011, UC Irvine, undergraduate 37. Alfredo Mireles Jr., May 2011-2012, UC San Francisco, graduate 38. Jonathan Stein, 2012-2013, UC Berkeley, graduate, master's/law student 39. Cinthia Flores, 2013-2014, UC Irvine, graduate, law student 40. Sadia Saifuddin (current), 2014-2015, UC Berkeley, undergraduate 41. Abraham "Avi" Oved (pending), 2015-2016, UC Los Angeles, undergraduate

Totals (as of July 2014):

UC Berkeley, 11 student regents (Peeples, Gaines, Rodriguez, Wong, Bravin, Pannor, Ligot-Gordon, Murray, Allen, Stein, Saifuddin) UC Los Angeles, 11 student regents (Turkell, Lurie, Neuman, Anderson, Hoffman, Espinoza, Fong, Davis, Anderson, Ledesma, Scorza) UC Davis, 7 student regents (Salerno, Lozano, Eberly, Ross, Thorpe, Morrisroe, Rosenthal) UC Irvine, 3 student regents (Doh, Cheng, Flores) UC Santa Barbara, 3 student regents (Mock, McClymond, Bernal) UC Riverside, 2 student regents (Wooten, Gomez) UC San Francisco, 2 student regents (Darnell, Mireles) UC San Diego, 1 student regents (Sabo) UC Merced, 0 student regents UC Santa Cruz, 0 student regents

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