The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

The Student Resource Center wound up becoming the Student Community Center. Below is the community perspective during its construction.

The new Student Resource Center is a controversial new UCD project. Regardless of any questions, the SRC looks like it will occur no matter what happens. The timeline appears to be at least 2012, possibly as late as 2017. The price tag may be somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million dollars. However, no blueprints or solid plans have been laid out as all aspects of the project are still in open discussion.

As of late January, the telltale construction sign for the center went up on the south end of the central campus trailer park, facing 194 Chem. The sign mentions a budget of 30 million dollars and a completion date of 2012. But still no design pictures though. Additional information can be found on the project's Architects and Engineers Page

Construction Pics

Sign has been posted in the trailer park north of Chem 194. Looks like site selection is finished

Pre-construction debate


The SRC would consolidate all participating departments into one large complex, complete with its own facilities. Some proposed new facilities may include a theater, classrooms, office space, lounge area, study area, computer lab, conference rooms, and a spectrum of new office equipment (computers anyone?). Students would have an easily recognizable building to access many forms of student resources such as tutoring, internships, peer counseling, etc.


The center would be an attempt to lump together all of the "marginalized" populations of the campus into one area instead of having them dispersed. Some nickname it the "Building of the Oppressed" as a joke. Concerns also rise about the costs of the project. Some departments would sacrifice a lot only to have a failed project when they would have been better off without this new building. The administration has a history of passing shady paperwork.

Questions regarding Funding

The following has been factually questioned: RROC added the SRRC on to the FACE initiative, allowing it to be passed along with the athletic projects. D-I receives the ARC, Schaal, the stadium, and the SRRC receives a basement. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Of course, RROC voluntarily added the SRRC to FACE, but we have observed the consequences and that's why we're cautious of the new SRC project.

What is your source that tells you the SRC is being funded by FACE? From what I heard, the entire project is being funded from seperate initiatives, donations and departments. I've heard no mention of FACE, but if you've heard something otherwise... -RitchieLee

My bad I mistook something at the bottom of that aggie article as saying th campus enhancement initiative, and not campus expansion initiative. Why is it bad to have all the SRRC groups are together? Maybe I dont understand the dynamics, but when you have a bunch of groups working towards one larger goal it seems effective to have them all in one place. JimSchwab