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About SJP

Students for Justice in Palestine is a student organization that promotes cultural, social, educational, political and geographical understandings of the state of Palestine.

Their audience is primarily students and their community. The chapter of SJP at UC Davis is involved in providing community services to help maintaining a better environment for all members of their community.

Moreover, in alliance with other university based student organizations, SJP members increase their understandings of other religious, ethnic or cultural groups and stay united with all oppressed and peaceful groups. Students for Justice in Palestine want a universal peace and justice based on mutual respect and equality for all people around the world.

The main objective of SJP is to declare the existence of the state of Palestine with its culture, history and civilization that is bravely standing against the alleged global oppression and manifestation of racism, which is the "Zionist regime of Israel". They assert the State of Israel is directly responsible for injustices, insecurity and bloodshed in the Palestine.

They also assert the regime of Israel has not cooperated with the global community and UN programs and promotes weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear and chemical warfare to target civil societies.

Past Events

  • March 8, 2007

    Pax Americana: United States Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism. Speaker: Stephen Zune

  • May 18, 2007

    Speaker: Finkelstein

  • June 5, 2007

    Film Showing: Occupation101 clips from movie


3/8/07 USF professor to lecture on foreign policy in the Middle East today. Students for Justice in Palestine host event 5/18/07 Finkelstein speaks on Israel-Palestine conflict. Author blames Israel for human rights violations

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2008-03-13 13:01:57   I love this organizations events. They bring such dynamic people to campus. However, I wish they had a public website and a little more publicicity for people in the community. I'm not a student at the University any more and so therefore, don't visit bulletin boards in lecture halls. However, the website doesn't exist, they don't have one of their own, they rarely advertise in the calendars events section, and I'm on their mailing list but don't hear about the events.

I wish there was a resource other then to find out about things... —ChristopherMckenzie