1300E Covell Boulevard
(next to First Lady Nails in the Oak Tree Plaza)
Mon - Fri 9 - 8
Sat 9 - 7
Sun 10 - 5

Supercuts is a franchise hair salon that provides inexpensive hair cuts and styling.

Check our page of Hair Salons and Barber Shops to find out where to get your 'do groomed in Davis.

If you want to cut off at least 10" of hair, consider donating it to "Locks of Love" to make wigs for kids with alopecia. Supercuts will collect and send in your donation for you AND throw in a free haircut.

Location History

September 1st, 2006 Supercuts closed their 407 G Street shop, and The Style Lounge took over the building as a second location. Supercuts moved to Dixon as a result of new building ownership and not meeting franchise sales numbers. All but one of the stylists moved with them to the new location. In March 2007 Supercuts opened a new store at its current location in the Oak Tree Plaza.

A relic from when SuperCuts was still on G Street



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2007-08-13 00:22:32   The people were nice, but omg, I said half an inch off the top. I had my stylist show me exactly how much it was. She then proceeded to cut off 2 inches. She then smiled and asked how I liked it. What do you guys think? Sarcasm or stupidity? —AlXBoi

2008-04-26 17:43:10   The nice older female stylist has been in the hair game for a long time, and she used to be a Davisite. Good cuts from here guaranteed. —StevenDaubert

2008-06-27 14:54:21   After I got a haircut I went home and realized that I needed just a little more cut off the back. I went back there and they said that they would have to charge me full price to do that. Don't waste your time or money with this place. I pretty much ended up cutting my own hair. —aberrier

2009-01-18 15:30:15   All of the women who work here are very nice and only want to give you the haircut that you want. If something is wrong, I'm sure they would be more than happy to fix it or try and find a way to remedy the situation. Instead of talking shit about your last haircut, how about you go back to that stylist and let them know what was wrong, or better yet, tell them while you're STILL IN THE CHAIR.

And by the way, the only reason they would make you pay full price to fix a haircut is if it has been over a week since the last time you were there. I had to come back in once and the receptionist explained it to me.

Give these ladies a chance, they are there to cut your hair the way you want it and I'm sure if any of them have read the things people say in their comments they would be heartbroken.

I love this place and all of the girls who work there, and I'm sure if you were as open and honest with the stylists as I am, you would love it too. —misskatherine

2009-02-22 11:59:02   I have been very happy with my haircuts from this particular Supercuts location. I've had some bad experiences at some Supercuts locations in the Bay Area, but I think this Davis location is very reliable. There are two particular women at this location who I think are really good but I don't remember their names. Overall, the quality of a haircut varies widely from person to person whether you go to Supercuts, some other national brand, or a local barber or salon. —Buckeye44

2009-05-19 21:45:34   :/ i feel really dumb but I went here with a Great Clips coupon (thinking that the address said Covell instead of Cowell...easy mistake...right? :/). I asked them if they would honour it and they said yes, then I got my haircut and they said they wouldn't...because duh i was at the wrong salon! Wish they had told me though...plus side: I don't hate the haircut, I actually kind of love it :) —ArianeMetz

2009-07-01 09:38:23   Great service! I go here all the time and they do a great job. I get a 2-inch cut all the time, so basic, but exactly how I like it. I always get compliments at work for my hair cuts. Great new location also. I hardly ever have to wait. —doggies9

2009-07-07 16:43:23   These girls are terrific and are always really nice whenever I come in, esp. Katherine. Every haircut I've gotten here has been terrific. My whole family comes here. I just wish they would start doing color !! btw AAA members get 10% off. :) —MaggeSanger

2009-10-11 11:02:00   I usually get my haircut at PureBeauty and pay $45-$60. Supercuts was recommended to me by a few people, and after reading the comments on this page, I thought I'd give it a try. Since most Supercuts have a horrible rep I was a bit skeptical but all I wanted was a trim and to get my layers freshened up. I called in and got an appointment the same day. The staff was friendly and my hairdresser was Chelsea, I think (She had short blonde hair). Chelsea did a good job on the bangs but my layers came out horrible! You'd think layers would be simple enough to do with long hair but it came out super uneven! She didn't even completely blow dry my hair. I walked out with wet hair and uneven layers. I could have done a better job myself! The haircut was only $15, so I guess you get what you pay for. They do have a decent collection of Matrix and Paul Mitchell hair products that are currently on sale. But I'm definitely not going back again. —MillaMi

2009-11-12 11:37:44   Worst hair cut ever. AVOID JACKIE!! She's terrible - bad attitude, does not take direction well, and gave me all kinds of weird layers. Can't they hire decent hairdressers with nice attitudes. God, what a piece of shit. —DolceVita

2010-02-22 16:04:00   I have never had much luck with Supercuts until a while ago when I went to get my hair cut a good 4 inches, and a bit longer in the back with a good amount of layers. I scheduled an appointment with Jackie, the manager and she did a great job, I'm very happy with it. I will always now go there and have Jackie cut my hair. She took her time, and make sure I liked it. I came in once one day and then the next day because I decided to get it shorter and more layered, and a bit thinned out. She wasn't mad, she made some suggestions on hair treatment, and I left a happy costumer. Very good price, and its inexpensive to get a shampoo with the hair cut. I highly suggest Jackie, you get a good haircut at a great price —GiulianaWasHere

2010-06-07 09:04:56   I have had very good cuts at this Supercuts. I have also had a few bad ones. It didn't take too long to find two very good cutters there: Katherine and Lien. I highly recommend both of them.


2010-06-15 20:05:01   I went about a year ago, and I loved what the stylist (I don't remember who) did to my hair.

I went today, and Cynthia cut my hair too short and in a different style than I asked. —LauraKaroly

2010-06-27 00:11:21   I just got my hair cut here yesterday. The girl was relatively new, and not that experienced. If you can, request the older asian lady, she is the best. I wish I could remember her name. All of the staff are super nice, and the wait is never long. You can also book an appointment! —reviewaskew

2010-07-08 08:29:09   *Free* Haircut when I donated my hair. I know everyone out there is trying to work very hard in life and I understand that as a customer I could say something while in the chair. However, to be honest, I didn't really know what I was entitled to with the free hair cut(blow dry, style, etc after a hair cut). The lady that did my hair seemed very nice (Christine?) but she spent probably 10-15 minutes on me. She didn't blow dry my hair, which I'm fine with usually, but she did not even attempt to get rid of the excess hair, yeah I know that there is always excess hair after getting a hair cut but I'm not exaggerating, when I took a shower, there were over 100 pieces of hair that were an inch long. Then when my hair finally dried, I noticed how uneven it was, with a big chunk on the right side missing, which I could of said something about if she had blow dried a little bit and had let me seen the job she has done.

Again, please don't think I'm ungrateful or was passive about my hair cut, it's difficult to be opinionated when someone is pushing you out of the chair and already attempting to say hello to the following customer even before I attempted to give her a tip. Also, I would have been happier with it if she had not attempted to style it and then not care about it, but she actually took a lot off and therefore when i went to get it fixed at a salon, they had to cut it shorter to trim off the mistakes.

Maybe some of the other stylists are good so don't just avoid this place based on this and ask whether or not a blow dry is included in the free haircut.

I felt good about donating my hair, but then I was treated as though I had a free gift certificate that they didn't really want anyone to use. —BamCam

2010-09-18 13:10:59   I got a trim from Christine (Asian woman in her 40s); she was nice, did a fine job, and was very fast. My boyfriend got a very good, simple haircut from a blond lady in her 40s. If you want something basic, it's a good place to go! —zombiek

2010-10-16 20:23:25   Horrible haircut, avoid Cindy like the Black Plague, unless if you want to look like a square. Save your money and go elsewhere. (Male, 18)

"2010-10-22 20:10:24"   TERRIBLE HAIRCUT, as the poster said above, avoid Cindy like a plague...she is careless and can ruin your day and hair

2011-01-21 14:14:36   ( Male, 23, straight hair, no fancy cut) I had been going to the same barber's shop since I was in the 3rd grade and now I have to switch because I live up here. I really don't know what people are moaning about, it's a $15 haircut, which is a steal these days. If you're expecting to walk out of here with a $40 haircut you should probably go elsewhere and just spend the money. I read all of these reviews and it sounded similar to my experience with $15 cuts before; you don't always get a great cut, but if you're not too picky then who cares?

I had Jackie, who someone said was terrible, and she was way more attentive than the barber I've been going to for years. Asked lots of questions, stopped along the way and was quick and efficient. My haircut isn't super complicated, but why would it be if I'm only paying $15. Honestly this is one of the best $15 cuts I've had in a while! —rhsinton

2011-05-01 21:28:52   Jackie did an excellent job cutting the hair of my 2-year-old daughter. One can only imagine what it's like to to keep a 2-year-old from getting frightened and then cutting her hair perfectly straight despite her constant wiggling and inability to sit still. This was no easy task. Jackie managed to pull it off beautifully and is deserving of much kudos! —Buckeye44

2011-07-14 00:06:35   (Male, 21) I was very pleased with my hair cut. Not only did they cut my hair the way that I asked them to, but they did it in very little time. I would definitely recommend this place! —ChrisCosta

2011-08-07 16:41:31   I went in today and Cynthia cut my hair right away. She was very professional and fast. Overall she did a good job, especially for the cost. The value of my haircut at Davis Supercuts was high! —bartbart

2011-08-17 10:36:35   I brought in a picture of a haircut so that there would be no confusion. Now I look like a Lego Man. Don't go here, find a barber that cares. —tompaul

2011-09-26 23:10:14   Another great haircut. It is nice to have a professional job every once in a while when every other haircut is a quick clipper job :D —Greenlover48

2012-06-16 09:08:00   I have been having my hair cut at Supercuts for years and the best I can say is that it all depends on the cutter. I never see the same one twice (the turn-over seems to be pretty quick). I've had fantastic cuts, and horrible cuts. It's catch as catch can...but the price is right. —BevSykes

2012-08-11 13:00:57   Overall, it's a cheap haircut for a cheap price. I suppose it's hard to complain for the cost, but I wasn't thrilled. I went in for a haircut about 2 hours after opening. I was the only one there and I felt super rushed in and out. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. No one offered to do a wash and dry, which I would have paid for (though I usually go to a place that does $15 for a wash and cut).

Even after explaining that I do part my hair the way I had it when I walked in and wanted to keep it that way and she clarified, she still decided about halfway through the cut to change the part. When she was done cutting, she didn't even bother to brush it out (it looked like I had just rolled out of bed, not like I had just come out of a haircut), and seemed kind of put off that I wanted to see the back of my hair in the mirror. I came home, brushed it, and fixed it back to the way I normally wear it. It looks pretty silly. On the plus side, she did at least hear me when I said I just wanted the bottoms evened out and to try and keep the length.

Next time, I'm driving to another town to get my hair cut, even though Supercuts is a 4 minute bike ride from my place. —MeganR

2012-12-09 10:12:11   It's Russian Roulette for hair. You might get a good cut, or you might want to shave your head afterwards. At least that's been my experience after going here off and on for years. If you think, "It's just hair, it grows back," then go on in. If you are uptight about your hair, then you ought to pay a bit more and go elsewhere. —GordonCaulkins

2013-01-18 09:10:36   I got my long hair trim here, didn't realize it wasn't cut straight until someone pointed out. I am really upset that they cannot cut a straight line! Been here twice and got the same results! Could just have someone who's not a Cosmetologist and do a better job. Don't even go to this place, it's a rip off! —pah

2015-02-17 17:43:44   Sigh, my first time here I got a great haircut from a lovely fellow. Of course when I returned I learned he was no longer working there and I ended with Christine. Keep in mind I brought in photos and was straying from my original haircut. Christine is single handily determined to bring back the mullet. She doesn't seem to understand the concept of layers. So I now have a business layer in the front and a party longer layer in the back. Perhaps the other stylists are better but if your a woman I would stay away. —nkristis