1260 Triangle Court, West Sacramento CA 95691
(916) 217-5018, (916) 374-8401
Payment Method(s)
Any (must have card info on file though)

Superior Fighting Academy is a martial arts and self defense training center located only few miles from Davis in West Sacramento, near the Harbor Blvd I-80 exit. They were featured on The CW31.

They offer the following activities:

  • Muay Thai kick boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Cardio / Fitness Classes
  • Self-Defense Classes

The cage. Where those who want to fight are banished to until the other classes go home.


Jiu Jitsu: Victor Vida, Brown belt under Ralph Gracie/Kurt Osiander. With 7 years of experience in competition and training, he provides knowledge and fundamentals of all aspects. Great training for anyone at a beginner level or experienced.

Ty Elliott is the Muay Thai Trainer. He is certified in Thailand under Sengtiennoi S. Rungrote a.k.a. The Deadly Kisser. He is also certified by Kru Yong and affiliated with his gym ‘Muay Thai-Thai Boxing’ in Sac-ramento. Ty has competed bare knuckle NHB under Saentiennoi. Ty specializes in NHB (no holds barred) fighting and has over 7 years experience training MMA fighters. Ty speaks Thai fluently and has also worked as a certified medical interpreter. He trained for many years in Saengtiennoi’s camp in Pathum Thani, (ปทุมธานี) a province in Thailand while he worked on his Thai and Lao linguistics.

Pictures of the Old Location


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2011-06-08 22:30:51   Been coming here a few weeks now for Muay Thai. I first started learning Muay Thai from Ty at Elite Instinct Mixed Martial Arts Academy until they dropped the striking classes and turned into a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu only place. I then checked out his classes at the Davis Athletic Club but found them to be too recreational so I finally ended up coming here. I really dislike having to go all the way out to Sac, but it's definitely worth it. Everyone is friendly (so far haven't met any arrogant jerks who have "heavy hands" when it's light sparring) and you can decide whether you want to train for recreation, fitness, or fighting. Also, they don't pressure you to join like many gyms do. Would recommend to a friend / 10. —hankim