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This very page!
August, 2009 (if appropriate to Wiki)

There are gardens that produce more fruit and vegetables than the gardeners want. There are people who would eat ripe produce, especially if they didn't need to pay for it. By using comments and the somebody@emailaddress.net macro, perhaps people can offer produce to be picked up by those who want it.

Please note that there is a Freecycling network that's got a vibrant Davis group. This page is another way such free transactions might occur.


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2009-08-05 20:14:17   Isn't this similar to Fruit core, and on the wiki, the free food entry? —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • Similar, in that the intent is exactly the same. Different, in that gardeners often don't want a "fruit core" harvesting for them. They want to leave bags of zucchini on someone's doorstep. This could facilitate such free food deliveries and pick ups. Thanks for the cross reference — I wonder if Fruit core would like a link to this page? DougWalter