The Sustainable Living Circus is an occasional collection of ever-shifting performances put on by a ever-shifting collection of performers. The pieces are intended to promote sustainable philosophy and practice through song, dance, juggling, and as many unicycles as can be mustered.

Recent performances have included:

  • 'Atmospheric Ballet' - A dance and music piece demonstrating the carbon cycle.
  • 'Wake Up' - An interpretive dance about looking beyond daily life and embracing a more holistic way of living.
  • 'The Internudes' - In which performers undress (in response to global warming) while performing difficult circus feats.
  • 'In your compost' - A compost guide put to music
  • 'Global Warming' - A catchy song about rising temperatures and societal indifference

Previous exhibitions:

Members: Derive mostly from the On Campus Co-ops and Domes