333 F St.
Hours of operation
Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
Saturday 9AM-3PM

Swanson's Cleaners is a full service garment cleaning chain offering both dry and wet cleaning processes. Swanson's can also clean your leather or suede garments for which they offer seven-day turnaround. See Also: Laundry & Drycleaning

Two piece suit: ~$15.55 (checked 7/13/2012) Suede jacket, hip length: $48-$56 Knee length Dress with full skirt $15.30 (July 2012). They offer two-day service, or you can have it done in one day for an additional 10% if garments are received at store by 8:30am. Professional alterations are also done in 3 to 7 days depending on the complexity.

What was your experience with Swanson's Cleaners?

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2006-01-24 01:14:55   Brought my two piece suit in for dry cleaning (~11/08/05). I had only worn it once but was gonna dry clean it anyways cause my brother's wedding was that weekend. I get it back the 2nd day and there's all this linty, spider webbish stuff on my suit. I show the nice korean lady on the spot and she is puzzled. She takes a roller thing and begins rollering it to get it off. She got most of it off after a few minutes of rolling but not all of it. I was displeased that she did not just waive the cleaning charge or at least give me a roller thing to roll myself when I got back home. I hinted at her to give me a roller thing but she said she was selling them for 5 bucks. I said to her "I can't afford to bring my suit in and have it in worse shape than when I brought it in." - which was essentially what happened. I think there's probably nothing wrong with their cleaning services generally, but that is definitely the last time I use Swanson's. —DarrenWang

2006-04-09 08:23:03   I have been taking my handmade quilts to Swanson's for three years. The work is always done well and quickly. Above anything else, I go to Swanson's on F because the service is cheerful and friendly - something I've never found at another cleaners (not even at Swanson's on Covell). They have my customer loyalty. —JillSchlanser

2006-10-09 10:24:05   Very disappointing. In the past month, three things were botched. 1) My sister took in a dress for pressing, it came back in almost the same wrinkled state. She complained, but they told us to just be glad they had time to press it at all since it was same-day service. 2) My husband took in a suit for pressing, it came back with a big stain on the interior jacket lining. (Again, no attempt to even apologize or waive fees). 3) A silk skirt of mine just came back from drycleaning. It was faded (well beyond what one typically tolerates), and it was hung up all twisted on the hanger (and hence now wrinkled). Swanson’s is 1 block from my house in downtown, and yes, the Korean lady is very nice. So I really wanted to like them. I’m disappointed that I have to find a new drycleaners. —RaissaDsouza

2006-10-27 13:08:34   Horrendous! My first bad experience concerned a red angora sweater that they shrunk significantly. The korean lady offered to stretch it FOR FREE! Of course, it did not stretch. Eventually, after 4-5 months, they agreed to pay the price of the sweater. I thought, a one time thing, no biggie. 2 months ago I took in a fairly expensive wool beaded top (one of my favorites). It shrunk really bad. I did not bother to go back and complain again. I just will never go there again. Neither myself, or my husband who has lots of dry cleaning. —KrinaNimi

2009-10-02 13:47:08   BIG warning!!! Don't go there if you are brining a precious piece you like. They will not only ruin it to the state you can't wear. They will give you a forged statement saying it's because your clothes are old. I had a Burberry trench coat I really liked. Wore it for several years and dry cleaned many times without any issue. It has "how to handle" tag saying it needs to be ironed in low temperature but it came back with lining all melt up making the inner piece, outer piece and the lining all meshed up as one winkled state. The owner lied first saying it's because I bought it in East cost where the dry cleaning temperature is low. hahaha... very funny... When I reason with them. Now they moved onto saying my coat has served its life... what? it was as good as when I purchased. They are blunt flat-out liars and very impolite.. never admitting their fault for ironing in the wrong temperature even though I could see the iron mark. the jacket is not wearable at all and I needed an apology and compensation. When I demand for it, they got this fault statement from a forged garment lab which was part of the detergent company instead of the real independent one. I almost started filing for the court... they should be thankful that I am too busy to do so. My heart-felt warning to you folks, if you want to keep your clothes, DON'T GO!!! They will not only ruin your clothes but your temper and apatite for days by their superior rudeness and scamming.


2009-10-02 13:50:45   Above comment is for Covell and Anderson one. Just in case the downtown one is decent. —cathycho

2009-12-22 15:54:15   the lady at downtown is pretty nice.. the cleaners itself is ok... —lakers09

2010-09-25 23:26:47   Took a uniform shirt in to be cleaned. Terrible job. Very crooked creases, melted and smashed one of the reinforcements for my badge, did not clean the marks on the back and I now have discoloration around shoulder patches. Very nice lady behind the counter as others have said but will never use this cleaner again. I wish I had read the reviews before I went there. —mcelroy0717

2011-11-19 14:21:45   Based on the comments here, I went somewhere else first with an expensive dress that was badly stained and didn't have any care instructions. They said, "We couldn't get these stains out. Take it to Swanson's- they use different chemicals than us." Sure enough, after Swanson's the dress looks as good as new for about $15. Organic? Not likely. But effective. (Note: I had to authorize using the big guns that could have potentially destroyed the dress- "wet cleaning"). So if you have something that you're concerned may not be salvageable, go here first. —S.Peterson

2013-05-28 01:07:42   Coming from SoCal, their prices are very expensive for the crappy job they made; I've paid $7 dollars in a Dry Cleaners in Norwalk, CA for a much better job. Swanson's ruin the pants of my new suit by burning it. Never taking anything else to this place, I rather clean them myself or wait till I drive to LA if I can't find a place that does a good job. DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE!!! —BartolomeoReal