210 E Street, in E Street Plaza facing north
Open Sunday through Thursday noon to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday noon to 11 pm
(530) 564-4188
Wheelchair Accessible
Yes - It's in the Brinley building which has been renovated

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March 8, 2014
Payment Methods
Cash, credit cards 
Non Food Features

Sweet and Shavery has joined the recent abundance of dessert restaurants in Davis, but with a distinctive twist: it serves Italian ice, frozen custard (vanilla or chocolate), and street crepes. You can order Italian ice alone, frozen custard alone, or an "ice parfait," which is a mix of frozen custard and your choice of Italian ice. Italian ice flavors include mango, lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit, tangerine, pineapple, and more. Most patrons seem to be eating ice parfaits. There is seating inside, or you can take your treat across the parking lot and sit in the plaza, marveling at those who choose to stand in line at Baskin Robbins instead.

A simple yet powerful menu (click to enlarge). These are just some of the many combinations that you can choose, although note that the flavors listed might be different from those available (click to enlarge).


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2014-03-13 14:17:24   Pretty good Italian ice, and they are pretty knowledgeable about past ASUCD stuff for some reason. —MaxwellKappes

2014-03-15 14:13:45   Really cute, fun place to go for a tasty desert! Highly recommend medium size and also the sour flavors are actually sour. Love the custard! —AlexisCaligiuri

2014-03-30 10:20:30   Yummy! —JeffWood

2014-04-08 20:53:12   The vanilla custard is properly creamy and offers a lovely contrast to smooth and flavorful Italian ice. A perfect dessert for a warm evening. —CovertProfessor

2014-05-27 08:16:55   Having recently tried S&S I can say it was good. The custard is really rich (usually things aren't too rich for my taste) & the ice very flavorful. Lemon & sour apple was the combo I tried. I also sampled the lime which was really good. The crepes looked more than passable I was just meeting the folks to try something shavery... —StevenDaubert

2014-09-23 10:09:27   This place is good, really really good. The custard is rich (which is fantastic) and it blends well with the flavored ice. I like the flavor combinations they have. —DagonJones