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These are being renovated. Will be nice, but are very expensive. One bedrooms run 900-1k. Very near campus and will be nice. Washer and dryer included. It's too expensive for one person, may be decent for a couple or for many people. Worth checking out.

I live on Wake Forest and get to watch the progress of the new Sycamore Lane Apartments and I'm very excited, because they're looking really nice. My roommates and I want to live there, but we heard that it's pretty expensive— about $2400 a month for a 4-bedroom. Ouch. - Sharon Zimmerman

2005-07-28 01:26:02   I just rented an apartment on the anderson side. they are so beautiful! i am a incoming freshman.. nope not living in the dorms! hopefully it wont be too loud.. but the sycamore side has central air conditioning vs. the anderson which has wall units.. i hope i dont get to hot... im so excited!! 5 days till i move!!! —MelanieAspeitia

2006-01-17 17:58:11   Have the prices changed recently? I'm wondering if they got cheaper for 2 bedrooms ... but probably not. —MindyYang

2006-01-22 22:37:36   Sycamore lanes is apparently already re-leasing/leasing for '06-'07. My roommate and I received a note recently asking us if we were interested in re-leasing, I wasn't sure but apparently a lot of people are since there's already a waiting list. BTW, for those interested... prices are going up. —LizethCazares

2006-08-18 15:39:05   I've been living here for a year now and I love it. The complex is very nice (remodeled last spring). It's quiet, management is nice, grounds are very well kept. It's a bit expensive, but it's a great location. Parking is a little crowded. —TawinderSandhu

2006-08-30 23:35:06   The info above says central heat/air but my daughters sub-let a room for the summer of 06 and their apartment only had a wall air conditioner in the living room. It was unbearably hot. Maybe some units really do have cental air conditioning but my advice to a prospective renter is to make sure! If you can see an air conditioning unit sticking out of a wall, its a pretty sure bet it will only be cool in front of the unit. —BarbaraClowers

2006-10-24 22:03:25   regarding the above comment: i live at this complex so i can clarify the AC thing. if you live on the SYCAMORE side, you have central AC and your rent is higher. if you live on the ANDERSON side, you have a wall AC and your rent is lower. —PatrickSing

2007-01-09 11:30:27   Regarding airconditioning: You've updated this site but last spring it no distinction was made. Scyamore lane apartments have central A/C. This false statement led to my daughter subleasing for the summer. She has a serious heart condition and cannot handle heat. The lack of air conditioning (as advertised) got her a referral to Stanford for a heart transplant. You should take your advertisments VERY VERY seriously. False statements can have fatal consequences. —BarbaraClowers

2007-02-06 00:58:19   In the defense of the author of this page, your family should have confirmed any facts with the management of the apartment complex regarding any health related issues. The wiki has been known to be wrong and for only a few minutes at the leasing office, you could have saved a lot of heartache. It's equivalent to making investing decisions from a rumor without checking reputable sources. It's simply myopic. —LiRic

2007-06-13 13:35:32   current resident hoping to move out... can't afford it anymore... if anyone wants a one bedroom on the anderson side... second floor please let me know... you will be getting the renewal rate of $970 starting september 1st through August 31st of next year which is about $100 cheaper than the new leases... if you want it earlier you can also sublease it for $950 a month until August 31st when the rate goes up $20... that is the rent i pay for being here 2 years already and youre welcome to take over... i just can't afford it anymore :) —imartinez

"2007-07-08 16:47:00"   Imartinez, please email me at I'm interested in your offer.

2007-07-29 09:40:49   he property managers and staff have a high standard for their work and the service. They constantly look to accommodate their residents in the best way possible. You can count on high quality apartments, impeccable and friendly service, top notch facilities (pool, lobby, exercise room), and regular maintenance (landscape, etc), at Sycamore Lane Apartments! —Maria

2007-08-22 20:06:10   The person above me appears to be just another employee promoting the apartment.

Regardless, don't get the instaconnect here. It really sucks. Go with comcast. —CalvinCheng

2008-01-19 08:55:12   We've been living here since July 2007 now, and as I am looking into other possible housing options I decided to write a review. I live on the Anderson side in a 1BD/1BA and we pay $1100/mo. The unit is clean, modern, extremely well insulated, and the only time we ever hear our neighbors is when they vaccuum (its not loud). Parking can be an issue, ESPECIALLY with the bird migration. Your car is definatley going to be covered in bird poop, even if you don't park under a tree. The paint on my car already has holes in it. This alone makes me want to find a new place to live. However, the management really is quite exceptional and responsive, and I love how warm our apartment stays, so maybe we'll just stay put, and I'll get a car cover or something. —MissL

2008-03-03 09:02:44   I'm going to be moving to Davis if I get accepted this fall, and I was looking into Sycamore. I have a HUGE cockroach phobia, and I was wondering whether anyone had had any cockroach problems with this complex? —lindsayream

2008-03-12 00:43:37   I currently live in Sycamore Lane and have for the past two years. Its a really nice complex, good sized apartments, washer and dryer in unit (if on Sycamore side), dishwasher, built in microwave, fridge and central air and heat (Sycamore side as well) Managers are super friendly...will power wash your car during bird migration, quick to respond to any issue, and they always have cookies and coffee ready! :) Unfortunately, I am going to have to move soon (as in next month) if anyone is interested, I have a 1BD/1BA on the Sycamore side with a large balcony overlooking the pool. I pay $1070, but price could be negotiated, also may come with furniture if needed. E-mail if anyone is interested. mrowalker@ucdavis.eduMarenWalker

2008-05-05 13:27:43   I was wondering if living next to the pool gets really noisy? also, how clean are the apartments when moving in? i saw the model and it looked great, do the other apartments look as awesome? —AlexandraF

2008-09-26 13:01:32   I was in a four bedroom on the Sycamore side last year. It's a really nice place, huge kitchen in the four beds, spacious, etc. The management does make repairs quickly when requested. However, I had issues with them towards the end of the lease, when they evidently decided that since the lease was over in a few weeks, they could come into our apartment without knocking to "check the floors out." On two occasions. They also were sketchy and didn't respond to my request for an pre-inspection walk through, and were extremely rude and condescending during the walk through itself.

Plus, they took a ridiculous amount out of the deposit (which I will fight). One of the charges was $110 for a LIGHT cleaning. Kind of an expensive light cleaning, right? The place was spotless. I imagine they just wiped down the counters again, then charged us 110 for that. Anyways, it was a good experience while I lived there, but the end result just tainted the entire time there. Based on those experiences, I would not live there again. Too expensive to be treated like a moronic 2 year old. —VanessaZ