TEDxDavis is an independent TED event organized primarily by Cory Warshaw.

Contact Email
Cory Warshaw
2014: Hadeyeh Hidari
2013: Lucian Novosel
2012: Tyler Wilson
2011: David Nelson and Andrew Neish

TEDxDavis is an annual event organized and run by students and other community members here in Davis, CA. The first TEDxDavis talk took place on April 23, 2011. In every year since, the event has been held on either the 18th or 19th of May.


The spirit and style of TED has a home in Davis! TEDxDavis, is an independently organized, where professors, experts, and enthusiasts, from across the community are coming to share their stories with you!

For questions or sponsorship opportunities contact us at the email listed above. If you are interested in volunteering or helping in a larger capacity again contact us at the email listed.

Read up on what TED and TEDx events are all about, or check out the TEDxDavis page on Facebook.


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