This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


715 2nd Street
(Between F and G Streets)
Mon-Tue 11am-10pm
Wed-Sat 11am-3am
Sun Closed
(530) 758-2699
Facebook page
Joe Romero
April 2010
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit

The menu emphasizes tacos (of course), but has a decent selection of other Mexican food. They also offer wide variety of salsas — more than most places. Flour and corn tortillas are made fresh on-site with tortilla machines and seem pretty popular. They'll add cheese, sour cream, and jalapeños to your tacos if you ask, so for about $2 each that's not a bad deal. The barbacoa is the best on quesadillas. The asada fries are kind of bland and the nachos are huge. The student special, 2 tacos and rice and beans for $5 is also a really good deal.

  • As of 09/01/10 there is a notice in the window for an application of change of ownership. Troubled times for Tacos and Beer mean it may disappear altogether or be much improved. Current owner is Joe Romero.

The general feeling from early reviewers seems to be that the food is decent but, in light of other Mexican food options in Davis, fairly overpriced. Beer selection and process seems alright.


Monday: $1.50 Crispy Taco Tuesday: 4 for $5 Street Tacos Wednesday: $5 Aggie Burrito Thursday: $4 Torta Friday: $2 Fish or Shrimp Taco Any day: Student Special: 2 soft tacos with rice and beans for $5

(prices do not include tax)

Happy Hour 4-6 pm daily 3 Crispy Tacos and a PBR for $5 (tacos shredded chicken or shredded beef)

There used to be a Togo's at this location. So it's now "Tacos". or "Togo's Tacos". —BruceHansen

For recent UCD students and others that don't remember Togo's 3 years ago, a Togo's reference doesn't mean anything.

So... they can click on the link and learn all about it, or visit the other Togo's in Davis.

Yeah, Togo's has been "Fogatad"?

Well, it's no big 'dilla.


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2009-10-26 20:06:09   I can't say I know anything about this place, but if it stays true to its name, this new place has a whole lot of potential. —MattBlair

2010-01-04 02:43:34   I am excited. Two of my favorite things coming together in the best of ways. —davisreviewer

2010-02-27 13:42:25   i cant wait for this place to food to eat in downtown davis is so great. plus they are right down the street from my work —JAX777

2010-02-27 17:31:55   What a great name, I want to go there and they have not even opened. I hope the tacos are those little street tacos. —DagonJones

2010-02-28 09:16:42   There could not be a more perfect name or combination of things to sell! I don't care what kind of tacos they are, since I like most types. I do, however, hope they're mouth watering yummy. —WesHardaker

2010-03-28 05:23:03   Wendy Weitzel of the Davis Enterprise reported that "Tacos and Beer" will open the first week of April. (source: —MattMH

2010-04-12 22:34:02   According to the facebook event "Tacos & Beer Grand Opening Davis CA," this place is set to open this Wednesday, April 13, 2010. I'm excited! —DannyQuentin

2010-04-12 22:36:42   Here's the link for the facebook event page:

2010-04-14 10:34:15   I stopped by last night, Tuesday the 13th, around 10, and it was packed. I didn't stay to eat, but it had a cool atmosphere including tables outside. I hope they plan to achieve success via the Burgers and Brew method of staying open later than anyone else (and of course having great food). If they have a late night happy hour deal (kind of like Vitos) I'll be there frequently. —KernHaug

2010-04-14 21:31:00   Enjoyed the ambience. Liked the fact that they make their own tortillas and also appreciated that the chips and salsa are effectively endless. Tried a couple of tacos which were just okay, they didn't grab my attention in any way. The refried beans had quite an unpleasant quality to them. I don't think that I've ever noticed the taste of refried beans before. Normally, they are just there, but these were not good. Anyway, I liked the place enough to want to go back for another try sometime. —KeithBradnam

2010-04-14 22:21:06   I want to go to there. —jsbmeb

2010-04-16 00:53:57   Cool atmosphere. Slow service. Average to below average food. Menu seems overpriced for what you get. Free asparagus though... —CarlosOverstreet

2010-04-16 14:33:31   Ate there last night, just happened to be walking by and decided to go in. It seemed like a soft opening, there was no sign and the name of the place wasn't on the menu. Got the veg nachos and a pitcher of Boont Amber. Nachos were ok not great. The salsa bar was wide-ranging, but the salsas weren't labeled (this will likely change.) The music was a bit too loud to be able to talk, even on the restaurant side. Overall, not a totally positive experience, but the place has potential and I bet they'll work the kinks out. —JerseyCity

2010-04-16 15:58:03   Went here Wednesday night at around 8-9pm and it was quite populated. We were able to get the last table and it seemed as if they were running out of chairs for the number of tables they had. The menu is to the point and had more options than I was expecting. We ordered a couple beers and those were brought to us quite promptly considering how busy it was. After taking our time to decide what to order, we ended up ordering the nachos, a crispy (flour) beef taco, chicken enchiladas, and the flautas. The nachos came first and we were sorta surprised by the size of it. The taste was nothing spectacular, but quite filling. We supplemented the nachos with salsa from their rather surprising salsa bar. So many great options and free chips...definitely can't go wrong. We killed through half the nachos when our food arrived. The food was great and quite filling. The beans were I wasn't expecting to be blown away or anything. But the food was fresh tasting and quite good. Two beers, nachos, taco, enchilada, and flautas came out to about $30 and we both had food to take home. So all-in-all, I'd say that the price wasn't too bad. It's not cheap, but the happy hour prices are worth mentioning. I will definitely be coming back. Maybe even in a couple hours... —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-04-18 10:26:12   I don't think they did their research before coming moving in. Hopefully they can get everything worked out. This place is more expensive and is severely lacking flavor compared to some of the great mexican food that can be found in town. I'd rather grab a negro modelo and carnitas down the street at Taqueria Davis. Probably wont be returning unless there is marked change in quality here. Listen to your customers, they will steer you in the right direction. —JamesGallerani

2010-04-19 04:49:13   Was surprised to see the owner when I visited late afternoon Sunday. Overheard him speaking about how different Davis is and that it's not what he expected. He was drinking pretty heavily to the point where he was fairly intoxicated and began to make himself the loudest in the room by far. Not a good sign for a new restaurant in town to have one of the owners drunk in the establishment —WesOne

  • Should add that the quality of the food was average but the cost was adequate for what it was. WP

2010-04-19 15:30:11   That's a pretty bold statement WesOne. How are you sure it was the owner? —wahoo1117

  • Copy-pasted from wahoo1117's page: 2010-04-19 17:03:17 For starters, staff kept asking him questions. Also he was talking about how owning the shop in Davis is different than expected. Just shouldn't be getting drunk in your own establishment if you want to make a good business here in Davis. —WesOne

2010-04-19 15:38:48   My opinion is that it is a good place for beer, with a decent selection at great prices, but the food needs to come down in price. —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2010-04-19 23:33:59   The only attraction that this place offers is freshly-made tortillas. There is not much food selection, the food quality is low to moderate, and thus the food does not in any way warrant the prices. I will not return until at least the prices become more reasonable. —DannyQuentin

2010-04-21 19:42:13   Decided to come and have a try this evening. My first impression of this place is that it has a lot of potential. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out, but that will come in time. Service was good. Atmosphere was good. As others have said, the prices are extremely high for what you get. I got a taco and burrito and it set me back 12 dollars. The taco itself was just a corn/flour tortilla, lettuce, choice of meat, and beans on the side. While it was delicious , it was almost 3 dollars which is a very steep price even for Davis. If they want to stay afloat in this town during this poor economical situation, they should considering lowering their prices. —BenLee

2010-04-22 23:25:33   What a disgrace...over-priced and under-spiced. The owners also run La Fogata in Woodland?? Interesting....because they totally FO-GA-TA put any spice in their recipes. I've had better Mexican food than this in Seattle. To its credit, at least vibe-wise it fits the character of a college town. Davis never had places like this open late when I was a student way back when. Save your scratch if you got any standards for Mexican food, though. —RickEle

2010-04-27 18:13:30   We are working very hard to address the concerns that have been expressed about food quality and prices! We have lowered our taco prices & are offering some great happy hour specials. We appreciate your patience as we work through some of the kinks that come along with opening a new business. As for the comment about one of the owners being drunk and rude, I can assure you that it was NOT one of the owners, and that the issue was addressed. We love Davis! —TacosandBeer

  • Thanks for replying here! I love it when business owners are responsive to the postings here. That's usually enough by itself to get me to check a restaurant out. —TomGarberson

Indeed, having been meaning to stop by this only further solidifies my desire to do so! Are the fights going to consistently be no cover? —StevenDaubert

2010-04-27 21:55:21   I went there tonight (a Tues) and it was a nice mellow atmosphere. Food was good, prices reasonable. I had two small complaints which were that they didn't really have any spicy salsa options. All the salsas had good flavor, but I'm a bit of a chili head and would have wanted something with heat. And they only gave me 2 of their delicious fresh tortillas with my dinner plate. I could have used 3 or maybe even 4 because the don't skimp on any other part of their portions. —KevinH

2010-04-28 18:49:01   Anyone have a menu?? —sm0729

  • Since they are so new their menu is currently quite dynamic. They have the standard fare, but a menu probably shouldn't be posted for another few weeks until they finalize it a bit more. - JenniferCook

2010-05-03 22:17:30   I've been a few times now (read: once or twice each week since it's opened) and have enjoyed a couple tacos and a beer each time. Their chips are occasionally stale to taste as they sit around for awhile but, if you ask nicely, you can probably get a free tortilla or two after ordering as I have. The service has always been prompt and the food tasty even if they might mix up an order a tad when you're with someone. —E.C.H.

2010-05-05 14:25:05   I had lunch here today and was pleased with it. My wife and I ate here at 11:30. I had 2 tacos (one with flour tortilla, one with corn) meats were shredded beef and carnitas. My wife had a chicken tostada and horchata to drink. Total was $12 something. The shredded beef was very good, carnitas were so so. Homemade flour totilla was very good and the chicken tostada was very good. The shredded beef and shredded chicken were good quality meats and prepared well. I was very impressed with the salsa and vegi bar, you can go here and put as many olives, onions, cilantro, grilled peppers, guacamole, and salsa as you want on your food. The horchata was tasty and had lots of fresh strawberry slices. I can see the complaints about prices, some of the items seem expensive. my tacos were about twice the size of a regular street taco, considering street tacos are $1.25 each and these are $2.35 that seems fair. Happy hour has 3 tacos for $5. Overall it was good, prices are not out of line but not cheap. —DagonJones

2010-05-07 18:21:48   The family had lunch today at Tacos and Beer and our excitement over the concept was fully satisfied. A taco plate special, single taco, quesadilla, and beers all were quite tasty and filled everyone up very well. Given the quality of the meets, tho solid preparation and the expansive salsa bar we fully felt it was worth the value. The salsa bar was quite impressive and we were all happy with the variety and quality of the offerings. It was right around noon on Friday and it wasn't busy at all. We will definitely be coming back again. —loneshark

2010-05-08 01:02:52   My husband enjoyed the tacos, especially for the happy hour price. I got an Aggie veggie burrito and was very disappointed. I can go to Chipotle for a burrito with actual vegetables in it instead of just lettuce and black beans instead of pinto for the same price! Both my husband and I really enjoyed their spicy salsa but felt the mild was like ketchup. Their margaritas were not stellar at all. Our server added ice to it so it was basically a glass with half ice and half watered down mix. I know I'm echoing a lot of voices here, but I will only go here again if they cheapen the price. It seems more like a late night cheap food place than a "restaurant." —lunelectronique

2010-05-11 17:01:05   It's hard to believe I am reviewing the same place as others here. I've been there for lunch twice. First time had the daily special, Chile Colorado. Second time I had the Barbacoa plate. No spices in either dish. Well, not exactly true. I did get an unusual taste of nutmeg in the beef and some salt. But mostly it was grease. Lots of that. Standing pools of grease in fact. But then, grease was the only thing giving any flavor. My lunch companion had me taste the pinto beans which tasted as if they had been transferred directly from a large can to the serving dish. I've had house made tortillas before and I have to say they are usually more recognizable as different from store bought. Other than the tortillas did taste indeed fresher than otherwise, there was nothing else inherent in them that said "home made". Salsa at Guadalajara's is better. It's nice to have Mexican beers on tap and they show nicely. Nice selection of microbrews too. Perhaps it is worth going at Happy Hour prices, but for greasy, non-descript food $8.75 a plate for lunch is a bit much for my "tastes". I won't be back. —MonkeePantsII

2010-05-14 20:05:16   2nd time there for lunch. 3 tacos and a side of rice between the two of us and a bunch of chips and salsa. Verdict was yummy and filling. A lot of variety in the salsas and definitely a way to zip up your meail. —loneshark

2010-05-16 18:55:15   First time there. Had a taco salad with carne asada. Absolutely no flavor, no spice. Food tasted like cardboard. Felt ripped off. Salad was worth about 5 bucks and they charged almost $8. Totally disappointed and will never go there again. Get better and tastier value at Chipotle. —dianamuprhy

2010-05-20 20:25:03   Have been looking for a place to have nachos & margaritas in Davis and FINALLY FOUND IT! $5 nachos during happy hour and $4 margaritas. Nachos were big enough to split and the margaritas were pleasantly potent! Will definitely make this a habit! —lauraAsmith

2010-05-31 13:53:13   I went downtown today looking for some Tommy J's but found them closed so I came here instead. Because I wanted to write this I got 5 tacos, one of each with a mix of corn and flour tortillas. The meats: Asada, Pastor Barbacoa, Carnitas, Pollo (use your noggins if ya don't know what they are). I also got a basket of chips and each of their 6 salsas that were available. There are also chopped onions, jalapenos, pickled carrots, cilantro, guacamole, and a bunch of other extras at the salsa bar but no sour cream or cheese.

The tacos were presented very simply with just the tortilla, meat, and shredded cabbage. It seems obvious to me that the intent is for you to use the salsas and other extras to add to your tacos. I found all the meats except barbacoa too plain for my taste without the extras. The barbacoa is well marinated but it would be nice if it was shredded into smaller pieces. The corn tortillas are nothings special but I really liked the flour tortillas. I think they are made by the same woodland company that sells tortillas at Costco. I found the salsas to be around average and the heated green salsa to be the top pick out of them all. The chips were normal.

The whole thing (5 tacos and a drink) cost me about $14.60 I can understand why people think the price for a taco ($2.35ish) is a bit high. I wold be happier with the price if they had sour cream and cheese in with the salsa bar.

Overall, I think most people need to remember that this is not Taco Bell or Jack in the Box and there is a good reason why their tacos are so cheap. That said, I do think the price is a bit high. Their happy hour price should be their price all the time. If you're getting a taco, get the barbacoa on flour.


2010-05-31 17:33:55   My overriding impression when I went a couple weeks ago was that this place is just so... generic. I was trying to figure out what was special about it but I couldn't really tell... and the food isn't special either. The barbacoa taco was good, but the carne asada taco was rather bland. Reading the above comment, I guess I was supposed to put salsa on it, but I guess I'm just not used to doing that. —jsogul

2010-06-07 17:44:57   went here last week with my girlfriend for carry out. An okay place to eat. I think there are better places for Mexican food in davis, but it wasn't bad.

I ordered a burrito w/ shredded beef, while my gf ordered nachos with the shredded beef. Nachos were pretty good, the beans had good flavor and the shredded beef was tasty (i think there was a bit of cinnamon in there). Burrito was disappointing, mostly because there was too much rice, and at that the rice was overcooked and bland. the beef was good though, but I'd probably go elsewhere for my burritos. I will also say the flour tortilla used was good.

salsa bar was nice, plenty spicy. Liked the variety. Though I don't really weigh salsa bars too heavily in how much i like a Mexi food establishment.

Not ready to write this one off yet, I have yet to try the tacos. and the happy hour deal seems solid. Bar selection is also not considered coz underage. —EugeneB

2010-06-13 11:04:36   I was really disappointed in this place. I don't know if maybe the lady at the cash register was having a bad day, but she looked miserable taking my order. The place was completely empty when I went and the music was strangely eclectic (not that eclectic is a bad thing, but it was also really bad/annoying Steve Miller Band). Sadly, though, the food was the worst part about this place. The meat is very, very dry. The cook in the back looked like he was 19 years old...maybe not experienced enough? —AmandaAbughosh

2010-06-13 11:40:35   stopped by here last night, got the asada fries. Thin shoestring fries with some Asada. I didn't mind the price cause it was late night, but the unsung hero of this place looks to be the happy hour specials. They would def make coming out here worth it! —StevenDaubert

2010-06-26 22:06:02   I stopped by here today to watch the USA vs. Ghana game, and it was a very good experience. The food was good, the atmosphere was good, and the people were polite. —LauraKaroly

2010-06-30 16:48:00   Came here for the first time on Monday. There were two other groups besides us. The owners were there and I believe their young daughter was the cashier. They were friendly and the food was served promptly. The special fries were good, the tacos and the burrito were good but not outstanding. —LokiAbbi

2010-07-27 15:00:54   I went about a month after opening and haven't been back since. Overall the quality of the food was subpar, though I enjoyed the beer selection at the time. Hopefully they can turn things around Davis could really use a delicious Mexican joint. —ArmyDecoy

2010-08-04 21:46:24   Did not like the food or the atmosphere or the salsa or the service. won't be coming back. sorry. —JamieParker

2010-08-18 17:06:00   Ordered carnitas, pastor, and pollo tacos, had chips, salsa and beer. Tacos & salsa weren't anything special, the pork/chicken was a bit too salty. Guad is waaaaay better. However they had cheap PBR and an ok selection of beers. Another positive note, this place closes late and there are TVs on the wall to watch sports. —jmb512

2010-08-18 21:27:23   I agree with an earlier commenter that the veggie burrito was not worth eating. Lack of veggie or fish options overall was disappointing. —EmilyH

2010-08-26 21:19:33   Even while drunk, the carnitas and steak are dry. These are actually the driest tacos I can think of. The only way I can eat these are if I dip them in the beans. Horrible food. The salsa bar isn't anything to get excited over, either.

I ordered a quesadilla once, hoping that it would be moist. I didn't get to finish it, though, because I was almost attacked by one of the workers there for accidentally shuffling away with the little basket (I forgot that I had my food in it). This must be the worst place to eat at night in Davis. Jack in the Box is a better bet for late night Mexican food. —miguelsantiago

2010-09-01 05:16:02   What really bugs me is their inverse beer pricing structure. Microbrew for instance: $4 for 16 ounces = $.25 per ounce, or $6 for 22 ounces = $.273 per ounce. Whatever happened to volume discounts? Their happy hour policy of $1 off every beer only makes this worse! However, it does result in $1 pints of PBR, perhaps the most modestly priced beer in town. —BrianNeal

2010-09-09 15:16:32   expensive and bland. even the cheese quesadilla was dry, like it had been microwaved or something. I consider this place a bar that serves Mexican food, not a Mexican restaurant. —JakeJames

2010-09-27 14:50:17   I really liked this place when it first opened, but they seem to have stopped caring much after that. The mens' bathroom is ridiculously uncared for—normally I wouldn't mind much, but I can't imagine opening a new business and letting it go into disrepair so quickly. And one of their main draws for me was that you could get cheap beer and chips downtown and chat with friends...but now a DJ blasts loud dance music yet there's no dance floor—the talking-friendly atmosphere used to distinguish it from other Davis bars at night, but now it's just the same, only weirder since there's no dancing to accompany the music.

I have had some great food there, but it is true that they really lack consistency, which is probably where the majority of the negative reviews on here come from. Many nights it's great, but sometimes it's not at all.

The place had/has a lot of potential, but just started making itself generic and uncared for. How can owners expect customers to care if they don't care enough to even put a lock on the bathroom door, or fix the urinal so it flushes? —KernHaug

2010-09-28 11:29:27   Had lunch there for the first time this past weekend. Veggie burrito was very bland but the girl working the bar area was nice. —CindiDrake

2010-10-17 23:10:57   What is wrong with all you whiners? Tacos and Beer is great. It's not like there is a plethora of mexican food options in Davis. Tacos and beer is great. The prices are reasonable and they have beer. And Tacos. Which are great. I think this place is a total JAM. Sincerely, —GabeHerczeg

2010-11-05 12:01:51   I have ordered several of the different tacos. Not an amazing taco, but for $5 for 4 street tacos or 3 tacos and a beer it seems quite reasonable to me. Just add some salsa and they are quite good.

Overall, I think this fills a niche that none of the other Mexican/Tex-mex places occupy. The bottom line, as others have noted, is the tacos & beer. If you want restaurant food then you might be disappointed, but if you want a relaxed place to have a beer with your food, then I suggest checking it out.

I would like some Cholula on the table though! —CyraEmery

2010-12-17 00:19:32   I like tacos. I like beer. I like this place. Friendly people and good taps for a fair price. My only wish is that they'd turn the lights down a little bit in the bar: Seriously, I just want to drink beer and eat tacos, not perform heart surgery. Dim it and they will come! —Swilltopower

2010-12-28 00:21:33   I eat here all the time, drunk and sober, and I love the tacos. The chicken and steak are my favorites and if you ask, they'll add cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos, so for about $2 each that's not a bad deal. The barbacoa is the best on quesadillas. The asada fries are kind of bland and the nachos are huge. The student special, 2 tacos and rice and beans for $5 is also a really good deal. What i love the most about this place is the atmosphere! It's a really chill place to go to just eat and grab a few beers. The nightlife varies, sometimes they have djs and other times they have bands. The crowd varies as well, sometimes it's all dudes and other times there are a lot of people in there dancing. The staff is great...the waitresses are really nice and the bartender is awesome, on nights without djs he'll let you pick a song or put your ipod on. I feel bad for them on the weekend around 1:30am it gets packed. Overall, at tacos and beer you get delicious tacos and delicious beer at a good price. —cbrown

2011-02-03 19:52:47   I just got back from T&B for happy hour drinks and food with some friends. I got there a little late and people had already ordered the pitchers, so I can't comment on the beer selection. They at least have Lagunitas IPA (yum!) and Blue Moon. I got a plate with two tacos w/ rice and beans (the student special, as it turns out... I didn't realize until I saw it on the white board well off to the side of where you order. Oops! I still got it for $5 despite not being a student). The portion was larger than I expected—the tacos are significantly larger than the traditional, tiny tacos (like those at Taqueria Davis). Taking the free chips into account, it was a decent sized meal.

As for the quality... meh. It was fine. It wasn't all that interesting, but it was fine. The asada wasn't particularly flavorful, but there was enough that I didn't feel like it was a ripoff. The beans were a little bland, but the rice was reasonably tasty. The salsas are nice and spicy, but don't have a lot of flavor. I definitely prefer the ones at Taqueria Davis or Dos Coyotes.

All in all, it was a nice place to go for a couple of drinks and dinner. The food was cheap, quantity was pretty good, quality was just OK. Overall value was reasonable. If you're looking for good Mexican food, there are better options in town. If you're just looking for a decent place to grab a drink and a bite downtown, it's not bad. —TomGarberson

2011-03-26 15:38:57   Is this place somehow still open? Hard to believe but if so, it won't be for long and I can pretty much guarantee that. A few FACTS: Joe Romero opened the business originally with 2 or 3 of his siblings. As has always been the case with Joe (AKA Crazy Joe) is unable to hold a job for any length of time and can't work with others, family or otherwise. Hence the sole ownership you're seeing now. THEY DON'T PAY THEIR BILLS- foreclosed on one house he tried to "flip" which is actually pretty funny, didn't make a house payment for years where he lives now and I wouldn't TOUCH their food - God only knows how old it is or where it's from since Sysco - the food supplier - filed a notice of levy with the Yolo County Sheriff's office and recorded as an official document at the Yolo County Recorder's office. All public record people - check it out yourself. This means that they not only haven't paid their bills for months and months, it's past the point of a lien and now equipment, furniture, etc. - any asset - will be taken from them. The sad thing is, I wonder who they owe for non-Sysco items that will also lose out because of Crazy Joe? You'll see if you do a bit of research that Joe aka Jose aka Jose P and his wife Lupe, aka Guadalupe aka Maria, get the message. He even ripped off his own father!

These are exactly the sort of people that we don't need in our community. They are liars and thieves and we'll all be better off when they are gone .


2011-04-27 22:57:56   The food's always been horrible, and after an employee assaulted me outside of the restaurant one night, I've always maintained that this is the worst establishment in Davis. I can not express how happy I am that they are going under, and hopefully a decent restaurant/bar takes their place. Davis really deserves better. —miguelsantiago

2011-04-29 03:41:04   Last night was the last night for this business being open. It was not a victim of economic failure, but the owner decided to close the business. It follows Togos. The next business will be a much needed Thai restaurant. Heh. I also heard that it might be an Indian restaurant. The wiki was not greatly enjoyed here, to say the least. —BruceHansen

Actually, I heard "Thai-Indian". —bh

Thai-indian-tex-mex? —wh

2011-04-29 12:04:25   tacos and beer down already?

jokes —StevenDaubert

2011-04-29 12:10:09   word on the street is new Indian restaurant —StevenDaubert

2011-04-30 00:04:52   Is it possible that Davis can keep one single decent bar open for more than six months? After three years, I am decreasingly able to fight off the growing sensation that this town genuinely sucks — yes, Davis, I said it, try not to swoon too severely — if you're interested in more than bike paths and $8 pints of Dogfish Head surrounded by 250 televisions (guess where?). Sweet christ this is demoralizing. Please tell me that whatever kind of food the new owners decide to serve that they'll keep the bar open as something besides a staging area for the televisions. —Swilltopower

  • Seriously? It is simply Unamerican to dislike multi-TV arrays...I mean who doesn't want to see grown men in spandex running around with balls and buttlickers talking about it 24 hours a day? DEEPLY closeted homosexuals need something to gawk at....A "good bar" should reek of piss/rotten liquor, have holes punched in the walls, serve shitty greasy "food", cheap fuckin' drinks and have great people working there. —JoshLawson

2011-04-30 13:01:45   I'm so bummed! Stopped by last night and saw it was closed. Checked the wiki to see if it was closed for good. So sad! I really liked this place. —cunningham

2011-05-15 14:49:57   This place was pretty horrible from the start. Bad food, bad service. What a failure. —JakeJames

2011-11-01 01:22:40   In their last few months they had the wierdest hours. They'd be open at 10am on a Monday for example, but be closed at 7pm on a Friday or Saturday on other nights. They never had a menu posted outside. You never knew their hours and they would not have any posted outside indicating days or hours of service. Their food qaulity was good, but it declined at the end. —BryceH