Some of us are so good at procrastinating that we end up with a pile of ill-fitting, unwearable, or generally damaged clothing. Never mind that it would probably take only a few minutes to adjust that hem, it just won't get done unless somebody else does it! Most drycleaners offer minor tailoring, and generally tailoring in Davis is limited to alterations. Note that some of the shops that perform this service in Davis send your clothing out of Davis to be altered, and therefore it may take a little while to get your clothing back.

There are also alternatives for tailoring near Davis that may be able to alter your clothing faster than the shops in Davis, although you may pay more, both for the alterations themselves, and for gas to get to a shop outside of Davis.



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2009-07-03 17:12:27   I'm taking the unusual step of recommending a place outside of Davis. The reason for this is that with an unexpected need for an alteration and a holiday coming up, none of the shops in Davis were able to alter my clothing in the time I needed them altered. I wound up at Alterations To Go, in Sacramento, which did a great job in about 90 minutes. Note that same day service is much more expensive, and you also have to pay for gas to get to Sacramento and back, so unless you are on a tight deadline, it would probably make more sense to use a local shop. —IDoNotExist

2013-11-25 23:21:26   Lydia and team at Executive Alterations/Executive Cleaners did a great job on my suits. They tailored new unfinished suits, fixed old ill-fitting ones, and prolonged the life of one that had developed a little hole. I had minor follow up changes on a couple of pieces, and Lydia did them quickly at no extra charge. Really pleased to have found them in Davis. —ChrisHales

2014-05-02 22:28:08   How much do tailors usually cost?