These are archived reviews of Tanglewood from 2006. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2006-01-17 22:51:43   Two nights ago, a lot of cars were broken into in both the front and back parking lot. The bottom floor is especially targeted due to the fact that the "hired security" fails do to their job. Also, ladies, don't leave your purses in the cars in plain view! One of the cars that was broken into was robbed of her purse/wallet. So look out! —KarlaFung

2006-03-13 17:43:50   When exactly did management of this complex switch over to Sequoia from FPI? Did it start in September of 2005 (when people moved in)? Or was it more recent? I'm curious because negative reviews were removed from this page. —PhilipNeustrom

2006-03-27 17:47:23   They switched to Sequoia at the beginning of 2006. New Years Eve was when the switch was made. I made sure to ask. I used to live in an FPI apartment, I hated it. —ElizabethAbinante

2006-05-05 16:07:14   The gal writing about the crime below doesn't even live here...and by a lot she means 3 cars that night. As a current tanglewood tenant I can say that the atmosphere is mostly pleasing; except for the transient people who come through this town thinking they are better than college students. Crime is an issue on occassion and is to be expected in any town. Just don't do dumb shit with your stuff, be honest and have fun. My suggestion is to get renters insurance if you live on the lower level. —JeffKinstler

2006-06-08 11:59:29   This is an unverified warning published anonymously on craigslist (06/07/06): "There is a low income trailer park on the other side of the 4 foot (sometimes broken) fence and the teens and kids walk through Tanglewood apts and steal ANYTHING, bikes etc. The residential burglary rate at Tanglewood apts is 9 times the rate at any other complex. There are stabbings, shootings only near Tanglewood. Check out the crime rate for yourself. I lived there and two of my neighbors lost all electronics, computers etc in their apts to burglers. Don't risk it. The office will lie and say there is no crime, but what they said was "Well, we haven't had any crime in the office itself, so we don't have a problem with crime". The residents sure do! [...] I personally interrupted three break-ins in the parking lot, just by accident, because there are SO many break-ins into cars there. Ask a policeman, and go check out the trailer park just behind Tanglewood on the West side (the side closest to the freeway)." —JoFeuerstein

2006-08-01 21:28:23   What can I say, the apartments are really nice although expensive. The real problem with this place though is the crime and people who use all the facilities from the trailer park who don't love here. Every night all summer scary males from the trailer park come and use the main pool and the management does nothing. If you are a young female I wouldn't live here as it would scare the life out of me especially as the mangement doesn't care. All they have to do is put up a better fence/gate round the pool or even hire a security guy for a few months but they do nothing. Is the highest rent in Davis worth comprimising your safety - err no, stay away !!! —MattGoddard

2006-09-08 14:00:48   (I lived there, know this personal experience).Crime rate residential burglary is 9 times that of any other apt complex in Davis,only complex with recent shootings! Check out their statistics on police website,ask a police officer. Reason is clearly the low income trailer park. Kids in the trailer park wander through Tanglewood on their way home. Tanglewood management said "Well they haven't actually broken into the office yet so we don't think that we have a problem with crime, we don't need to do anything about this". I personally interrupted auto breakins and stopped a kid from stealing a bike. I personally know 4 apartments (the police website lists MANY MORE) that were completely ransacked and one spray painted and vandalized Thanksgiving break, "Go home Gook" on the walls (I personally SAW this). Gang signs spraypainted on fence. NO SECURITY, few lights. Please ask a police person before you move to Tanglewood, EVERY other complex in Davis is safer.—LeslieRedhead

2006-10-17 17:41:17   The management of this complex has recently changed. Perhaps it will get better. —KevinRobinson

2006-12-12 17:16:44   The crime rate is still just as High, HIGHER CRIME THAN ANY OTHER COMPLEX IN DAVIS. The low income trailer park onthe other side of the fence is still there> I've lived in Davis for 12 years and EVERY SINGLE OTHER COMPLEX IN DAVIS IS SAFER. An entire row of cars (20-40?) had their windows shattered by vandals one night in the back parking lot.

There is no hired security. Please, just choose another complex. My next door neighbor's entire apartment was emptied, anything of value was taken, videogames, cameras, everything. The complex has lied about the crime rate. Check the police department's website or actually ask a police officer. There are more cars stolen from the Tanglewood parking lot than any other complex in Davis. Friends don't let friends live in Tanglewood. You deserve better and YOU DESERVE A SAFER PLACE TO LIVE. This is the only complex with gun involved crimes, check the police website. I saw a young man break into a car and then hop the fence and go back to the trailer park when I interrupted him.

I took pictures of the gang spraypainted signs on the back fence, and then I took additional pictures when the blue gang sign was painted over with a red gang sign. I asked a teenager (because there are numerous teenagers wandering through the apartment complex on their way home to the trailer park and she sheepishly said "yeah, thats a gang symbol", she wasn't bragging, she was embarrassed. Then she said "but I'm not like that". —LeslieRedhead