These are archived reviews of Tanglewood from 2007. For more recent comments, please visit the entry.

2007-01-24 09:33:25   I have lived here for 2 years, its pretty quiet and the apartments are real nice. I was hesitant when I first moved in because of some negative reviews but since I've been here I've never had a problem. I guess people don't realize that apartments are targeted because some students are careless and leave things unlocked and valuables in their car. Be smart and you shouldn't have a problem! —HaleySmith

2007-03-10 19:40:12   So far we have had a mostly good experience here for about 6 months now. The service guys show up to appointments late but that's to be expected I suppose. One roommate had his bike stolen from outside our apartment... —ZackFrederick

2007-03-20 11:56:40   The burglary stuff isn't a lie - I've lived here for almost a half year, and we've had our car keyed, and 2 bikes stolen, and poop smeared on our front door. We've had to call the cops multiple times on our neighbors for fighting with bottles, etc. People constantly park in our parking spaces, etc. We've had lots of problems here, and while the apartment is pretty nice, it's not worth what we pay considering how crappy the neighbors are. I've lived in other parts of Davis with virtually no problems. Can't wait to get out of here. —NatFin

2007-03-27 09:34:06   I lived here from 2002 to 2003. We had our apartment broken into once (the door was probably left unlocked, so our stupidity). But my friend who visitied a lot had his car window broken into and his stereo stolen. A couple weeks later, I was walking through the parking lot and I saw a girl talking to a cop near her car. Sure enough, the same thing happened to her. I don't know how it is lately though, but my friend who also lived there blamed the trailer park as well (possibly unfairly). Other than that, it's a great, quiet place to live. The pool is AWESOME. —AndrewMatey

I lived here between the 2004-2005 school year, and it was quite nice most of the time. Until my apartment was broken into and my roommate got her laptop and iPod stolen... WHILE MY ROOMMATES WERE IN THE APARTMENT. According to my roommate, she was in the back bedroom, and heard someone come in through the sliding glass door. When she walked out, she saw two guys dash out the door with her stuff. Kinda eerie. We probably should have had that door locked (being so close to the pool and all). Other than that, it was a nice place to live, although, looking back on it, I suppose living in a ground-floor flat would definitely increase the possibility of crime. Can't beat the kitchen, though. Great counter space, cabinet space, and gas ranges (for all you chefs out there). —limoore

2007-06-03 20:59:53   i have lived at Tanglewood for the last 10 months and i have to say that i dont have tooo many complaints. The management could be so much better though, because when we needed a repacement mail box key, it took them almost two weeks. Then ended up having to get a brand new lock because maintaince lost both the replacement key and the original key to the box. then there is this gross mold growing on the ceiling above our shower and we have been calling maintaince for over a month to come take a look. The rent is getting ridiculous, the only good feature is the fire place in which we dont use. The walls are thin so the slightest thing you do your neighbours complain and you get a violation. And we had a playstation 3 stolen from iur living room one night when we didnt lock our patio door by accident..Not one of my favorite options. —Meeka2

  • 2007-06-18 01:15:00   Meeka - the apartment office doesn't control the mailbox keys, USPS does. The fans in the bathrooms run too slowly to dry things before mold starts growing. Walls are v thin. If you leave your apartment unlocked, you're asking to get broken into. You can't - accidentally or not - forget to lock doors and windows when this complex is known for a high crime rate. They hired security recently. I see them patrolling the lot... but they can't be everywhere SO LOCK YOUR APARTMENT! The office staff is extremely nice and and have gone out of their way for me several times. I'd recommend living here if you can afford it... but make sure to get a peak inside the apartment you're living in before you sign a lease. Some have all new appliances and others have all old ones. —ElizabethAbinante

2007-11-11 20:33:01   Tanglewood is a really nice place to live, except for the occasional problems. The management is so slow at fixing things. I think they took about a month replacing the leak in our bathroom...Also, they're not very nice. They threw our things that were in the storage once when they were changing the lock, when they didn't even need to lock the change in the first place! The manager made a mistake and thought no one was using that storage.What the heck..we pay that storage every month, did she not check it twice?? My roommate came home one day and found a man in the storage, with HER tv already in his truck! We had to literally go through the trash, and one of my roommates lost one of her prom shoes! Overall, I would recommend this place(except for the high price), just don't expect the management to respond as quickly as you would like it to. —Mae